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What did Jim Bob Duggar do to Jill? New book exposes her truth

Jill Duggar has just released a memoir titled Counting the Cost (affiliate link) about her tumultuous childhood, where she experienced sexual, religious, and financial abuse as she grew up on television. In an excerpt from the book shared with People, Jill accuses her father of treating her “worse than my pedophile brother.”

IBLP cult survivor names Duggar associate David Waller as ‘assistant groomer’ to Bill Gothard

One of the survivors of the cult Institute in Basic Life Principles featured in the Amazon Prime docuseries Shiny, Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is naming names and pointing to David Waller as the man who watched her be groomed and molested by Bill Gothard.

Learn more about the Duggar associate and read the victims shocking testimony here…