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New Borat movie 2

DLISTEDIt’s both surprising and not that there’s a new Borat movie coming out next month. Surprising because Covid still reigns, sure, but also not at all surprising because Sacha Baron Cohen always operates on the DL? The story of how they shot this one is pretty good, as is the news that there’s a deliberately fake Kazakhstan government Twitter account that’s been tweeting out innocuous nonsense for months but that is in fact a promo tool for the movie itself

CELEBITCHYIt’s telling that Joe Biden called Donald Trump “the worst president America has ever had” at the first debate and it would have been the only thing anyone took away from any other debate in any other election year (except maybe 2016) but it isn’t even really getting talked about this year, such was the depth of depravity that America’s worst president brought to the stage

JEZEBELThere was so much garbage happening during and around the first presidential debate that I didn’t even know about Cardi B doing a live fact check on IGTV. But she did and it was exactly what you would expect, and so now there’s a general call for the folks in charge to get Cardi to do it in person at the second debate, which, there’s no way anyone can convince me that this is a bad idea after the total shitshow that was the first debate

REALITY TEACaptain Lee Rosbach is back, and he’s brought new people with him: Below Deck Season 8 now has a trailer, a premiere date (November 2), and at least four new cast members

LAINEY GOSSIP“In the 1990s, The Craft was to Goth girls what Clueless was to popular girls: an acknowledgment that your fashion choices were totally legit, and that choker DOES look good on you. Also like Clueless, The Craft has maintained an affectionate nostalgia over the years, which is now being revisited in the form of a sequel, The Craft: Legacy. Written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (probably best known as Fawn Moscato on New Girl, but her feature directorial debut, Band Aid, is charming), The Craft: Legacy is a sequel to The Craft, about a new coven of girls using and abusing witchcraft at their high school”

THE BLASTLeBron James went and upgraded his LA house situation: the Lakers star dropped $36 million for a Beverly Hills mansion formerly owned by soap opera icon Lee Phillip Bell (creator of The Bold and the Beautiful *and* The Young and the Restless). It’s James’ third house in the LA area, and is as impressive as you’d expect…but there’s no basketball court

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPBear Brown and Raiven Adams from Alaskan Bush People are giving their relationship another try; apparently what did it was Bear getting to meet his son River, who is six months old, for the first time just last week

GO FUG YOURSELFI’ve been loving GFY’s regular galleries of old fashion magazine covers and this collection of all the Vogue covers from 1941 to 1970 — kind of a significant period! — is no exception

VOXFinally, don’t believe the hype: There’s a huge difference in time, perhaps as much as six months, between when America will have a mass-produced Covid-19 vaccine (possibly by the end of 2020) and when that vaccine will be mass distributed across the country (likely by summer 2021)

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