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MY 600 LB LIFE Janine Mueller makes surprise announcement she’s quit the show

My 600 Lb Life and Where Are They Now? star Janine Mueller has has one of the show’s most successful weight loss stories over the past few seasons. It therefore came as quite a shock when Janine revealed she’s actually quit the series and will no longer be filming follow-ups. So where is Janine Mueller now? What’s the deal with her boyfriend Doug? And why did she decide to end her involvement with the show?

LINKS Cardi B’s hacking story, Trump gets teased, Mena Massoud auditions..

CELEBITCHYCardi B and Offset’s latest drama is a huge and still-growing mess, but the goofiest thing about the Cardi B hacking story is how obviously transparent it is. Cardi would like you to believe that someone hacked Offset’s account specifically to send a DM to one of the women with whom he was allegedly cheating on Cardi last year, because that’s somehow more likely than he got caught and is squirming? “Someone hacked my social media” is to the celebrity world what “I’m retiring to spend more time with my family” is to politics

JEZEBELSo it sure looks like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French PM Emmanuel Macron, and British PM and Trump impersonator Boris Johnson were captured on video openly teasing, mocking, and laughing at Donald Trump during this week’s NATO global summit. We can also safely assume this is what happened because after the video came out Trump canceled his remaining public appearances at the summit and got back on Air Force One to come home, both things you definitely do when you did not in fact get mocked and teased at the homecoming dance

LAINEY GOSSIPThere is a huge gap between public awareness of this year’s Aladdin remake, which was a massive worldwide box-office success, and actor Mena Massoud, who played Aladdin in that $1 billion movie. Case in point: Mena just revealed that he’s gotten zero auditions for other roles since Aladdin came out

THE BLASTIn a surprise move, Justin Timberlake acknowledged his hand-holding debacle with upcoming movie co-star Alisha Wainwright, publicly apologizing to Jessica Biel and blaming the whole thing on drinking too much. Justin also denied the worst of the rumors and lamented the example he set for his four-year-old son

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Corey Simms Speaks Out After Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer Bash Him & His Wife Miranda During Teen Mom 2 Reunion”

REALITY TEABelow Deck star Tanner Sterback is pushing back hard on rumors he banged co-star Simone Mashile. I’m more amused by the erotic lit names these two are sporting — “Mashile” is clearly French for “Up against the door of a bistro’s walk-in fridge,” and “Sterback” is the delicate act of mixing a cocktail while either getting plowed or plowing

DLISTEDRIP internet-famous cat Lil Bub, whose remains are apparently being sent into space (for charity)

VOXThe first trailer for the new James Bond movie is out. Despite its title, No Time To Die looks like it will definitely be Daniel Craig’s final time playing Bond. It’s a shame that none of his movies in the series have lived up to the promise of Casino Royale; maybe with this one he’ll go out in a blaze of genre-upending glory

GO FUG YOURSELFI actually didn’t realize the third season of Marvelous Mrs. Masel hadn’t already premiered. I’ve written about its stars’ red carpet looks what, ten or twelve times in various links posts? Anyway the third season drops on Friday and once again the cast looks fabulous, if a bit tired of promoting something for at least as long as the thing took to make

THE BLEMISHAnd speaking of time never passing: It’s not that I don’t believe Emily Ratajkowski is under 30 years old; more like it’s hard for me to believe I haven’t been seeing stories about Emily Ratajkowski like these and photos of her like these for at least the past 250 years

PHOTOS MY 600 LB LIFE Vianey & Allen update: See the Season 7 stars today

The latest Vianey & Allen update is one of the happiest and most positive My 600 Lb Life check-ins we’ve gotten in some time. The Season 7 stars suffered tremendously along their weight loss journey, which is why we’re delighted to report that they’re still doing so well a year later! Keep reading for the Chicago couple’s humbling news, plus a ton of applause-worthy pics!

Drake and Kylie Jenner dating on the DL as his texts to teens get more scrutiny

The post-Thanksgiving confirmation of Drake and Kylie Jenner dating is only half the story to come out of their surprise relationship. Since sources close to both Drake and Kylie acknowledged that there had been something between the two, the amount of attention Drake has allegedly been paying to underage girls is also getting fresh scrutiny.

Annjeannette Whaley now: My 600 Lb Life star looking tremendous in new photos, confirms Where Are They Now update

We’ve got a terrific update on My 600 Lb Life star Annjeannette Whaley now, including exclusive details on her upcoming Where Are They Now? episode! Annjeannette, who’s been looking fabulous in her latest weight loss pics, recently confirmed that she has indeed been filming for a follow-up — and that her sometimes controversial relationship with girlfriend Erica will be featured. Read on for the details, plus Annjeannette’s new photos!

LINKS Peloton horror movie, Bieber’s N-bombs, Best charities 2019…

CELEBITCHY The Peloton horror movie commercial lives up to its still-building hype as a terrific bit of scary filmmaking because it a) has a disturbing premise, b) is totally straight-faced about that premise, and c) is very, very short. It also helps that the commercial’s name, “The Gift That Gives Back,” also sounds like the title of a Twilight Zone episode

THE BLASTNow that a few clips of Justin Bieber dropping N-bombs as casually as Kissinger dropping real ones have gone viral, Bieber is trying out the “I want to use my voice to fight racism, not promote it” card. He’s further claiming that the clips were filmed when he was “young,” which is worth several laughs

VOXHere’s how to “save lives” and “do the most good” with your charitable donations this holiday season. (This is also a handy guide for how to best make donations year-round — as with everything else, there is a strategy to charity)

REALITY TEA“Stassi Schroeder & Beau Clark React To Rumors About Scheana Marie’s New Man Brock Davies”

LAINEY GOSSIPI didn’t know that Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach were a couple and now that I do I can’t stopp giggling at the idea of an indie film power couple. Which isn’t a slight against them, and also Little Women comes out in three weeks so Greta doesn’t really qualify as “indie” anymore? But it’s a delightful image nonetheless

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Just when we think the Duggar Family has exhausted all Rated-G activities to partake in on Counting On, they’re packing up their outdoorsy-skirts and plaid shirts for yet another adventure you couldn’t pay us to go on ourselves.”

GO FUG YOURSELFIs Awkwafina going to get an Oscar nomination for The Farewell? There’s buzz building, she’s terrific in general, and if nothing else we should all hope it happens so she can wear something like this to the ceremony (also, stay for Beanie Feldstein’s dress)

DLISTEDRemember last week, when butthole tanning was all the rage? Josh Brolin is the first celebrity to admit he burned his taint giving it a go

THE BLEMISHCha In-Ha is the third young K-Pop star to be “found dead” over the last seven weeks. There’s no official cause of death yet, but apparently it looks like his may have been a suicide — which would also mean that all three young stars (Cha In-Ha was 27; the others were 28 and 25) killed themselves

JEZEBELAn episode from the new season of The Crown and some royal tea of long standing are behind this Headline of the Week dark horse contender: “Sex, Rumors, and the Queen”

LINKS Dakota Johnson’s Ellen interview, Lizzo nude, Bravo reality crossover…

CELEBITCHYWhen I first saw Dakota Johnson’s Ellen interview trending the other day I didn’t give it much thought. And after watching the interview itself I really didn’t understand the big deal (other than it’s always nice when talk show interviews get weird). But after reading about the rather extensive history Ellen and Dakota share and the recent general backlash against Ellen, I must admit I’m fascinated by this five-minute mini-drama

THE BLASTLizzo dropped another series of nude photos on Instagram and appears to be getting mixed reactions, which seems like part of her point?

REALITY TEAI can only assume that by picking a RHONJ star he’d really “want to work with,” Captain Lee Rosbach of Below Deck really means that a crossover is already in the works

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTeen Mom 2 Season 9B Episode 29 Recap: Divorce Court & a “Dear John” Text”

JEZEBELIf you’re into fun-ridiculous holiday movies, here’s a review of The Knight Before Christmas to make your heart sing with joy. “The premise is pretty simple, really: A 14th century knight named Cole is zapped to 2019 Ohio so that he can fulfill the special quest that will make him a “true” knight, which in this case is not being roped into yet another ill-advised edition of the Crusades but rather something involving his heart”

GO FUG YOURSELFDon’t be dissuaded by the first of these images; John Boyega does indeed have a strong winter coat game

DLISTEDEven Taylor Swift, one of the many stars of the upcoming peculiarity that is Cats, acknowledges that the whole thing — story, movie, adaptation — is “weirdness”

VOX“The silent ‘sixth’ sense: Propioception is the body’s mysterious ability to locate our limbs, even in darkness. We’re just beginning to understand it”

LAINEY GOSSIPThe speculation about why Angelina Jolie switched talent agencies is plenty juicy whether you’re into gossip about Jolie herself or are interested in some insider-y details about how deals like these usually go down and how agencies can stack the cast of a given project

THE BLEMISH“Taiwanese-Canadian Actor Godfrey Gao, 35, Dies While Filming The Titan Games-Type Reality Show”

What does Justin Williamson look like now? Former 685 Lb Teen rocks amazing weight loss, singing success

He’s lost well over 300 pounds, is learning how to use his voice to inspire people, and will soon embark on the biggest journey of his life. But what does Justin Williamson look like now? And how is the 685 lb teenager today? Justin, who recently revealed he’ll be moving abroad to pursue an incredible singing opportunity, looks better and happier than ever in his latest photos — read on for all the details!