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Jim Bob Duggar’s sister Deanna Duggar claims grandson died and met Jesus

Deanna Duggar, estranged sister of Jim Bob Duggar, patriarch of 19 Kids and Counting, claims Amy King’s son Dax died as a baby and met Jesus.

Watch the chilling interview in which Duggar describes her grandson’s death and ultimate resurrection titled “In the Divine Presence: A Young Boy’s Extraordinary Journey to God’s Throne and the Enchanting Realms of Heaven!”

Derick Dillard taunts Jim Bob Duggar: Jill is debt free thanks to scathing memoir

19 Kids and Counting‘s Derick Dillard called The Ramsey Show to ask advice on what to do with profits from Jill’s scathing memoir Counting the Cost.

Was Jim Bob Duggar listening? Fans think that the Dillard’s may be taunting Jill’s estranged father.

Read more to watch the podcast and see how much Jill has raked in from her tell-all…

What did Jim Bob Duggar do to Jill? New book exposes her truth

Jill Duggar has just released a memoir titled Counting the Cost (affiliate link) about her tumultuous childhood, where she experienced sexual, religious, and financial abuse as she grew up on television. In an excerpt from the book shared with People, Jill accuses her father of treating her “worse than my pedophile brother.”