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My 600 Lb Life Randy 1

MY 600 LB LIFE Randy Statum remade in new before and after photo gallery

When viewers first met him, My 600 Lb Life‘s Randy Statum was on the verge of physical and emotional collapse. But the man whose daughter once told him he was “too fat to be a father” has shed even more weight since his episode aired, and looks amazing in his latest before and after pictures! Read on to see what Randy looks like now!

PHOTO My 600 Lb Life’s Gideon Yeakley now: Rocking weight loss and new fatherhood

My 600 Lb Life Gideon now 1

It’s been a happy journey for Gideon Yeakley since his appearance on My 600 Lb Life — and we’ve got the glowing pics to prove it! Read on for the latest update on Gideon’s weight loss, including a brand-new photo of My 600 Lb Life Gideon now, posing happily with his infant daughter and the rest of his family!

Jenna Jameson talks realities of body image and drugs: ‘I was worried I couldn’t lose the weight sober’

When Jenna Jameson gave birth to daughter Batel Lu April 2017, the former adult actress found herself at her highest weight and without her standby weightless tool: drugs. She was afraid she would be unable to loss weight with her new sober life, but was determined to do it in a healthy way for herself and her family. In a new Instagram post 44-year-old mom of three shares some of the anxieties and realities of her body image journey over the past year.

TEEN MOM 2 Dr. Randy Houska loses 35 pounds in 3 months #LosingRandy

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea's dad Losing Randy Houska weight loss photo

Teen Mom 2 granddad Dr. Randy Houska announced earlier this year that he was committing to losing weight, and he launched a YouTube series titled “Losing Randy” to not only document his weight loss journey, but also to incentivize him to not quit — which seems to be working so far. It’s been three months since everyone’s favorite MTV dentist began, and he proudly announced online on Wednesday that he has already lost 35 pounds!

Is Johnny Depp ok?

The public has been in a bit of a panic since seeing pics of Johnny Depp sporting a new look. He appears to have lost some weight, but he’s also clean shaven these days, which may create an illusion that he has lost more weight than he actually has. There’s been a lot of wild speculation about his health so his camp has responded with a statement about how Depp’s doing.