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Is R. Kelly under investigation? Breaking down ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and the sexual assault allegations against the singer

Is R. Kelly under investigation 2

For years, rumors and gossip about R. Kelly’s potentially illegal sexual activities have dominated conversation about the singer. Now, thanks to Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly,” that talk is bigger than ever — but is R. Kelly under investigation yet? Several different police forces and district attorneys offices have suggested that they’ve begun or could soon begin looking more closely at the the allegations against R. Kelly — keep reading for a breakdown of the latest.

LHHATL Is Tommie really getting 50 years for child abuse? Her latest legal woes, explained

Is Tommie really getting 50 years

LHHATL star Tommie is facing the most serious legal threat of her life. Following allegations of child abuse at an unidentified minor’s middle school, Tommie could be spending more time behind bars than the combined sentences of all the other Love & Hip Hop stars who’ve been in prison.

Child cruelty allegations may be what get Tommie kicked off of LHHATL

Was Tommie kicked off Love & Hip Hop 2

She just got arrested for the 22nd time that we know of — but was Tommie kicked off Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, or will she get to keep her job? The controversial figure has been the subject of firing rumors before. This time, though, the seriousness of the charges means Tommie is facing a new level of scrutiny.