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THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKail Lowry will need to find another source of income to pay for her yearly dream house and frivolous lawsuits because she says she will not be part of MTV’s new Teen Mom combo show! In case you missed it, The Ashley previously revealed that producers are most likely planning to combine Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 into a single show. As a result, some of the ten current moms will not be back. What do you think the title of Kail’s new reality show should be? My two suggestions are Her Go Kail Come and Kailing Me Softly.
DLISTED — The “what goes around” that built the career of Dance Moms matriarch Abby Lee Miller continues to come around. The 56-year-old former reality star recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight and expressed her anger that nobody associated with the show reached out to her while she was serving her 8-month prison sentence for fraud.

“Shame on you. Shame on you after what I did for you, for your children — helped make you a lot of money. You couldn’t come to visit me for eight and a half months? You couldn’t send a card, a letter?” Miller asked of the Dance Moms families she worked with over the years.

REALITEASQUAD — “We are 2 episodes into season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé and Kara cannot stop talking about how young Guillermo is and how she is a cougar and sugar mama. Guillermo doesn’t like that she is doing this. How will this affect their relationship when Guillermo is no longer around his friends and family?” [VIDEO IN THE POST!]
REALITY TEATell the people of New York City to be prepared for a white woman jogging in the middle of the street because Kelly Bensimon is reportedly making her case to return to Bravo! Last month it was revealed that The Real Housewives of New York City will be getting a cast overhaul, but the network also revealed their plans to launch a legacy spin-off comprised of current and former Big Apple housewives. Kelly, who has since gone on to become a successful real estate agent, has reportedly thrown her hat into the ring by revealing she would come back. She also satted that she would like her co-star Alex McCord to come back with her!
CELEBITCHYJason Sudeikis was less Ted Lasso and more Led Tasso as he served his ex Olivia Wilde with custody documents WHILE OLIVIA WAS ON STAGE GIVING A PRESENTATION AT CINEMACON! However, Jason’s rep insists that the actor and comedian “had no prior knowledge” of the petty serve plans.
TAMRA TATTLES — Get all caught up on Racapalooza courtesy of T-Tat! Recaps include Survivor 42 “Game Of Chicken,” RHOC Reunion Part 2, RHONJ “Showdown In Smashville,” Summer House “Keep Prom And Carry On,” Below Deck Sailing Yacht “Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow,” Married at First Sight Boston “Past Lives, Open Minds” and Top Chef “It’s Time For Restaurant Wars!”
xoNECOLESeason 5 of the popular Netflix real estate reality series Selling Sunset introduced viewers to Chelsea Lazkani, a 29-year-old British-Nigerian who “quickly became a fan favorite due to her captivating fashions and bubbly personality.” However, Chelsea has a very noble goal that she hopes to achieve by appearing on the show, and that is opening the doors for other black women “get into living their best life. It’s not just in real estate, it’s in anything they choose to do.”
THE BLASTHow much is Blac Chyna suing the Kardashians for? New legal documents reveal that Rob Kardashian’s ex is asking for $36 MILLION in damages for “pain and suffering!” The Blast has a breakdown of the final figure, which assumes that Blac Chyna would have continued to appear on a reality show up until now. “Ms. White has still not explained how she would testify to the fact — without simply guessing — that she would have appeared on TV shows at a rate of ‘1 to 2 seasons per year’ for over 15 straight years,” the Kardashians’ attorney argued.
THE GRACE REPORT — “Briana Dejesus went in on her baby daddy Louis’ parents in last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2!” [VIDEO IN THE POST!]

LINKS Amy Schumer and Kirsten Dunst, Will Smith under review, OITMB trailer…

DLISTEDThe other big Oscars controversy – though it’s pretty small by comparison – was the Amy Schumer and Kirsten Dunst joke. Amy asked Jesse Plemons’ “seat filler” to kindly stand up so she could sit next to him for a bit, and the bit was that Amy thought Jesse’s wife was a seat filler, and isn’t that strange and funny. It was just as bad as Chris Rock’s “GI Jane 2” joke, but Amy responded to her haters by saying that Kirsten was in on it. Which I wish weren’t true, because Kirsten Dunst deserves way better than that

CELEBITCHYAs for that first big Oscars controversy? Apparently the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has begun a “formal review” of Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock. There doesn’t seem to be any serious suggestion about what to do, though. And since Smith has already apologized – and, you know, won Best Actor – there doesn’t seem to be much the Academy *can* do without looking like idiots, racists, or both

JEZEBELOJ Simpson? Seriously? Maybe sit this one out

THE BLASTSpeaking of people who need to sit more things out: Neither Will Smith nor Chris Rock need your money, Jake Paul

LAINEY GOSSIPThis is a really good point: Why aren’t there more big trailer drops during the Oscars? Why does the Super Bowl get all the glory? True, way more people watch the Super Bowl domestically, but the Oscars are a bigger draw internationally, and always generate big online buzz. Anyway, the first trailer for the new season of Only Murders in the Building aired during the Oscars, in case you forgot (I did!)

PAJIBAIn other trailer news, the full-length trailer for Apple TV’s Shining Girls dropped yesterday. It looks really good, but really rough. As in, this eight-episode series about a time-traveling murderer who targets women might have me wishing I were watching Elizabeth Moss’ other big hit streaming show instead

GO FUG YOURSELFTessa Thompson should have been nominated for an acting Oscar for Passing. She also should get a lot more attention for the outfit she wore to the Vanity Fair afterparty

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP“Foo Fighters Cancel All Tour Dates in Wake of Taylor Hawkins Death”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPSister Wives Star Paedon Brown Talks About Robyn Brown Criticizing His Parents For Divorcing, Kody’s Real Job & the Possibility of His Mom Christine Getting a TV Show”

REALITY TEA“It’s boring” is Bethenny Frankel’s verdict on the new Real Housewives of New York. This is exactly what people said about the old Real Housewives of New York when it started airing, so, take that for whatever you think it’s worth


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REALITY TEAIs Andrea Denver, in fact, The Hottest Man on Bravo? According to the most popular fan poll on social media, the answer is a resounding yes. The Winter House and Summer House star beat out Craig Conover, Andy Cohen, and Frankie Catania for the honor, which he accepted graciously and in a button-down shirt with none of the buttons buttoned

CELEBITCHYSpeaking of fashion, yesterday’s Starbuzz headliner Andrea DeBose owned the night at the Oscars afterparties. Hours after donning a cleavage-tastic red pantsuit and becoming the first queer woman of color to win an Academy Award for acting, Andrea changed into a straightforward, no-less-stunning black cocktail dress to celebrate

LAINEY GOSSIPAnd speaking of other nice things that happened at the Oscars! I’m very happy to see so many people crying happy tears over Lady Gaga’s moment of tenderness with Liza Minelli, because it was a beautiful moment indeed

PAJIBAOr, as Alison Lanier of Pajiba put it, “Gaga and Minnelli’s moment is the one that stuck with me. It felt private and sincere, versus the chivalric showmanship that dominated the rest of the Oscar coverage. Gaga’s simple, direct moment of support was not only wholesome; it felt like a real moment of care and tenderness in the face of the huge artifice that is the Oscars.”

GO FUG YOURSELFOne more bit of Oscars fashion for now: Also overshadowed by The Slap? Jada Pinkett Smith’s *amazing* green dress, with a train like an emerald waterfall. “It’s amazing to me how MUCH dress a person so petite can carry as if it’s no big deal. She is NEVER overcome or outweighed by the clothes”

DLISTEDKim Kardashian is sorry for her “get off your ass and work” comments. Except of course she isn’t really sorry; she’s “sorry if it was received that way.” And by “that way,” Kim means a “blanket statement” of “disrespect” directed at women in general. So, just your basic non-apology apology

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPOh, and The Kardashians just dropped a new trailer. The family’s new reality show debuts on Hulu in a couple weeks. Why are they still on TV, exactly? That’s no shade – they don’t need the money, and their exposure isn’t TV-dependent. Seems like more trouble than it would be worth

JEZEBELHeadline of the Week contender: “Resign, You Walking Conflict of Interest: Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving Supreme Court justice, is embroiled in yet another shady scandal.”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIf you’re in the position of having to “[dispute] claims” you “got violent” with women, you have already lost. On multiple levels. Don’t do this

THE BLASTI’m just glad Ezra “The Flash” Miller wasn’t arrested for speeding. The headlines would have been un*bear*able

LINKS Oscar Boobs, Oscar Winners, Chris Rock and the LAPD…

JEZEBELThere were many winners at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony. Some of them were high-profile. Some of them were impossible to miss! Overall, though, I have to agree with Jezebel that the true winners were Oscar boobs. (And the audience who appreciated them.)

PAJIBABut also there were 23 Academy Awards during the show. Here’s a list of all of them – including the eight technical award winners cut from the ceremony proper. (Cutting those awards did nothing to shorten the show, BTW)

THE BLASTThe LAPD announced that Chris Rock declined to press charges following Will Smith’s Slap Heard ‘Round the World (except for America). Apparently the two of them were going to work it out after the show

LAINEY GOSSIPAriana DeBose made history as the first queer Latina to win an Oscar. Her speech was heartfelt and great. And these photos of her with Rita Moreno? Equally great

CELEBITCHYI don’t think I have ever seen or heard of a person wearing shorts to the Oscars. Kristen Stewart kind of pulled it off! It would have been nice extra chaos to see her win Best Actress just to have shorts on stage

DLISTEDIn case you were wondering where Lin-Manuel Miranda was last night: His wife caught COVID and he had to stay home. And in case you’re bummed he didn’t get his EGOT: don’t worry; that was not the last time he’ll be nominated for a songwriting Oscar

GO FUG YOURSELFIn non-Academy Awards news, The Gilded Age is one of the best dumb, no-stakes, purely ridiculous shows in recent memory. You should check out GFY’s recap while we wait for their extensive Oscars fashion coverage

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPPeople call this guy Snake Chatterjee, right? I mean I don’t watch Love is Blind but based on what I’ve read it seems fitting?

REALITY TEAChief Stew Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean wedded her partner Josh Roberts this past weekend. The couple had been together for four years already and have a child together, so good on them for being in no rush

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPIf there were ever a day a Duggar wedding would get pushed to the back of the tabloid queue, yesterday was that day


LINKS Jackie Goldschneider’s fortune, Will Arnett’s divorce, Obi-Wan series…

REALITY TEAWhich Real Housewife is the richest one of all? That debate may never get settled, but Jackie Goldschneider’s fortune is now front-and-center after her comments on RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow’s blowup last week

CELEBITCHYWill Arnett offered some rare and surprising comments on his and Amy Pohler’s decade-old divorce. It sounds like Will has a habit of avoiding conflict in the media, which would explain part of why he “lost” the divorce in the public eye; he has some very kind things to say about Amy, though

THE BLASTEvidently there’s going to be another Star Wars show? This stuff and all the Spider Man stuff are way past supersaturation for me; I don’t even try to keep track of it. But if it’s your jam, be aware that Obi-Wan Kenobi, featuring Ewan McGregor in all his glory, drops May 25th, 2022

LAINEY GOSSIP“Like there was any chance Rihanna, now pregnant, would change up her routine – that routine being going out to the places she loves…in style”

GO FUG YOURSELFSpeaking of style, Nathan Chen won a figure skating gold medal in a costume that made him look like a galaxy? This Olympic fashion slideshow is reminding me just how many amazing outfits there have been so far in Beijing

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIt seems that 1000 Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton lost her duplex while in drug rehab because it’s taking all of her income just to pay for rehab

PAJIBAThis is the most thorough and beautiful review I’ve ever read of any of the Jackass movies. Bonus: it’s an insanely positive Jackass Forever review, no Knoxville bashing in sight

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPBob Saget’s family revealed the late comedian’s cause of death and it sounds like a weird, horrifingly plausible accident. It’s just painful to think of how many more years Saget could have lived

DLISTEDDolly Parton is going to start paying college tuition for every Dollywood employee who wants to go. (Also, it turns out that Dolly Parton has way more employees — if indirectly — than anyone realized)

JEZEBELLet’s end on a happy note — “The Moment We Realized We Were Horny: It doesn’t really matter when you discovered sex and/or how to do it. Let’s discuss what was it that made you want to find out”

LINKS Stephanie Matto’s fart jars, Djokovic denied, The Pope vs. Pets…

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about Stephanie Matto’s fart jars lately. The 90 Day Fiance star’s done an admirable job getting folks to discuss her toots at length over the last few days, after announcing she’s no longer going to sell them. Given that she was a stripper named Kitty before she was a reality star and fartrepreneur, it’s no wonder that Stephanie’s hustle game is strong

CELEBITCHYThis story about men’s tennis #1 Novak Djokovic being held and interrogated at the Melbourne airport is *wild*. Apparently Djokovic, who’s trying to play the Australian Open in a couple of weeks, may have lied about his vaccination status. So the Australian Border Police are refusing to let him into the country, and the whole thing is now an international incident

THE BLASTWith his latest decree, Pope Francis managed to piss off both parents *and* pet owners. That’s truly some efficient infallibility. Especially when you remember that Pope Francis, who’s been a legitimate critic of capitalism and economic inequality, doesn’t seem to realize that couples sometimes choose pets over kids because they can’t afford the latter

JEZEBEL“If Golden Globes Are Awarded But No One Is Around to See Them, Did the Show Really Happen At All? The 2022 ceremony won’t have stars, a red carpet, reporters, or NBC cameras. Maybe it’s time to just call it a day?

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPKim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson and Kanye West is dating Julia Fox, because two of the most famous people in the world will gladly fuck below their pay grade to out-petty each other. But it turns out Pete and Julia may have dated and / or smashed a few years ago, so the whole situation is getting an especially silly sloppy seconds vibe

GO FUG YOURSELFThis is one of the nicest Betty White tributes I’ve seen. And, in typically terrific GFY fashion, it comes with a fantastic + extensive Betty White photo gallery, stretching all the way back to the 50s

DLISTEDPrince Andrew would really appreciate it if the court would just throw out Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit against him and forget the whole thing. Unfortunately for Prince Antiperspirant, that’s “not likely” to happen and the case will almost surely go to trial

REALITY TEANeNe Leakes sold the Atlanta-area house she shared with her husband Gregg Leakes following Gregg’s passing last September. Somehow, despite the red-hot real estate market and NeNe’s celebrity appeal, she had to cut the price twice before landing a buyer

LAINEY GOSSIP“Hoyeon Jung, the breakout star of Squid Game, covers the February issue of Vogue. This is a surprise but not a surprise…because, well, Hoyeon is not a western star. Everyone may have watched Squid Game but she is not a household name”

PAJIBAFinally, it sounds like there’s a truly bonkers story behind The King’s Daughter, the Pierce Brosnan-Kaya Scodelario movie coming out in a couple of weeks. Turns out this movie has actually been completed and sitting on a shelf for almost seven years? Also, there’s this: The King’s Daughter “tells the story of how King Louis XIV’s quest for immortality led him to capture a mermaid”


LINKS Tristan Thompson’s third baby, Jana Duggar child endangerment, Jeopardy robbery…

CELEBITCHY -Turns out Tristan Thompson’s third baby is Maralee Nichols’ newborn son after all. A month after Maralee claimed that Tristan had gotten her pregnant, the NBA player confirmed that she was one of the women he’d fooled around with behind Khloe’s back. And by “fooled around with” I mean “got pregnant and only fessed up about when a judge dismissed his attempt at keeping paternity a secret”

REALITY TEA -Maralee has since responded to Tristan’s acknowledgment. Her rep pointed out that Tristan “made numerous false and defamatory statements and declarations about Maralee over the past few months,” including apparently lying about his relationship status when he got her pregnant in the first place

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP – Somehow, Josh Duggar isn’t the only member of his family in legal trouble for endangering children. According to The Ashley’s exclusive report, Jana Duggar recently pleaded guilty to one class A misdemeanor charge of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, three months after originally pleading not guilty

DLISTED – Current Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider, whose 24-game winning streak is one of the longest in the show’s history, revealed that she was robbed this past weekend

JEZEBEL – “In a play that can only be labeled as a blatant call for attention, most of those [conservative politicians] who have claimed they’re jumping ship are still using the supposedly ‘liberal’ platforms”

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP – Kanye West is supposedly dating Julia Fox to “get back” at Kim for dating Pete Davidson. Kanye also bought the house across the street from Kim’s house. This all just reeks of desperation

THE BLAST – Seth Meyers had to cancel a week’s worth of shows after testing positive for COVID

LAINEY GOSSIP – “Last night was the premiere of The Bachelor, this season’s lead is Clayton Echard who is a former football player and was a contestant on Michelle Young’s season that LITERALLY JUST FINISHED AIRING TWO WEEKS AGO. It’s the franchise’s fourth show in just six months. We are exhausted. Why can’t the producers read the room??”

GO FUG YOURSELF – 2021 was indeed the year “folks draped themselves in velvet” (and velour). But who wore it most memorably?

PAJIBA – “Why are the Anti-Critic Responses to Don’t Look Up So Bonkers?”

LINKS Queen Rihanna’s reign begins, Josh Duggar’s woes continue, Dr. Oz danger…

THE BLASTIt seems Queen Rihanna might be expecting her first child? Rumors are swirling that the Barbadian monarch might be expecting with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. I don’t know if this means Rihanna won her long-simmering feud with Kendall Jenner or not

LAINEY GOSSIPOh — and I’m calling her “Queen Rihanna” because Barbados has officially divorced itself from the British monarchy. And they named Rihanna a “National Hero” at the same ceremony, so she now has an official title: “The Right Honourable Robyn Rihanna Fenty.” But I think it works better if we just shorten that to “Queen”

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPApparently Anna Duggar believes her still-husband Josh was “framed by the Biden administration” for those pesky child pornography charges. So the answer to this article’s headline would appear to be…probably?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPSpeaking of Josh’s now-underway trial on the aforementioned charges, Jim Bob himself recently took the stand. He mostly hemmed and hawed, and also tried to “challenge the judge multiple times” (none of which worked). Derek Dillard must be kicking himself he didn’t start law school sooner so he could cross-examine Jim Bob for this one

DLISTEDDr. Oz is running for retiring Senator Pat Toomey’s seat in Pennsylvania next year. My original intention was to put a joke here, but then I remembered the last time a reality TV huckster with questionable credentials ran for high office in this country. Fortunately, Pennsylvania has a way of dealing with people like that

CELEBITCHYI get what Seth Rogen is saying here, but it kind of sounds like he wants people to break into his car?

PAJIBAThe GBBO finale was a huge surprise to me. (And I won’t spoil it just in case you still haven’t seen it.) I just expected one of the ***** *** people to win, because this season has been the most standard reality TV of the entire Bake Off run, and ***** *** people will dominate reality TV forever. The spatula bit was dumb as hell though

REALITY TEA“Gizelle Bryant And Robyn Dixon Say Robyn Almost Didn’t Get On Real Housewives Of Potomac Because She Made An Awful First Impression On Casting Director”

GO FUG YOURSELFHere’s every single outfit Lady Gaga wore while doing press for House of Gucci. I would have guessed there were more than ten? but GFY’s headlines don’t lie, so ten looks it is. That Lanvin coat is a beautiful, dangerous dream from which I do not want to wake up

VOXJack Dorsey is leaving Twitter so he can spend more time writing the new Baroness album (Also, I thought of this joke before these guys wrote it but they’re the ones who wrote it, so credit where it’s due)

JEZEBELFinally, since it’s now December, enjoy the first of many gift guides. Today’s selection: “Gifts for the Home Cook Who Isn’t Doing It For the ‘Gram”

LINKS Teen Mom Reunion details, Paris In Love trailer, Chrissy Teigen out of timeout…

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAre you curious why the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant moms were in California to film at the same time as the Teen Mom OG moms? The Ashley reveals that the Young and Pregnant moms were paired up with OG moms for advice segments. For example, Cheyenne Floyd was paired up with Kayla Sessler. I guess this is so Cheyenne could talk about what it was like having her first child at 24 after already being on two different MTV shows? Of course, MTV continued their borderline abusive disrespect for Mackenzie McKee as she was reportedly the odd mom out and wasn’t paired with anyone.

DLISTEDChrissy Teigen put herself in timeout after being called out for online bullying, including telling Courtney Stodden to die when Courtney was still just a teen. Chrissy’s punishment is now over, and it completely worked! The model confirmed her full transformation into a good person during a recent interview promoting her latest cookbook, Cravings: All Together.

REALITY TEALuann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeney reportedly had a pact to walk out as soon as Eboni K. Williams arrived at an event. The new report comes as part of a Mrs. Meeseeks-level amount of finger pointing among cast members attempting to divert the blame for a season that fans universally agree was terrible. But not entertainingly turtle-time terrible, just terrible.

CELEBITCHYParis Hilton is getting married! And it’s gonna be on TV! Paris returns to reality television with her new docu-series, Paris in Love, available to stream November 11 on Peacock. For those of you wanting to get a feel for what the new series will be like, and to meet Paris’ fiancé Carter Reum, Peacock has dropped the first preview trailer.

TAMRA TATTLESLooking to catch up on those reality show episodes you missed this week? Or maybe you’re looking to relive the viewing experience with a reality TV-addicted bestie? Either way, Tamra’s got you covered! Check out this week’s recaps of Below Deck, Married At First Sight, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Dancing With The Stars (Kenya Moore Edition), Vanderpump Rules, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Survivor!

THE BLEMISHGwynneth Paltrow has figured out the whole “living wage” problem: give employees discounts on Goop products! According to a new report, “Goop management acknowledged the company’s relatively low pay in at least one company all-hands meeting…senior leaders said they would make up for it, promising pay raises, one of the employees said. The company also offered equity to all employees, as well as perks, like free products and discounts to Goop’s sites.”

VoxPlastic surgery procedures are on the rise, and so is our voyeuristic fascination with how they go wrong. Vox takes a look at our cultures growing interest in “botched” cosmetic surgery results. And remember, “’botched’ can refer to surgical complications, in cases where the surgeon didn’t perform the procedure satisfactorily,” explains plastic surgeon Anthony Youn. “It’s also used more subjectively to describe the appearance of a patient. This person might be happy with the result of their procedure, but others might dislike it and call it ‘botched’ because they think it’s too much.”

THE GRACE REPORTVIDEO Have you ever wondered if the children featured on reality shows can sue their parents for allowing them to be filmed? Former entertainment lawyer Stephanie of Wine n’ Chill tackles the topic with The Grace Report, focusing on the Teen Mom franchise in particular.

REALITEASQUADVIDEO Corey and Evelin’s story lines on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way are often full of holes as far as reality goes. So what about Evelin’s car accident story? Is that mostly fact or mostly fiction? Reality Tea Squad breaks down the “real story” based on what her sources have told her.

LINKS Kim Kardashian hosting SNL, Tom Girardi’s finances, Roy Kent’s GF…

DLISTEDIf you had money on Kim Kardashian hosting SNL this season for what seems like no particular reason, go ahead and collect. On October 9, Kim will host the second episode of SNL’s 47th season. She doesn’t have anything really new to promote; she’s famous enough, for sure, but the paring is still kind of weird

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPIn maybe completely related news, Kim is also fighting back against rumors that Ray J maybe has either an extended version of his and Kim’s sex tape or a completely new tape

REALITY TEATom Girardi is pretty sure that Erika knew something about his shady finances. This isn’t entirely surprising, given that it tracks right along with what Erika’s RHOBH castmates suspected

CELEBITCHYBrett Goldstein — Roy Kent from Ted Lasso — is dating a British comic named Beth Rylance. Evidently they may have been together for a couple of years now, but Brett just won an Emmy, so people are paying attention. They’re a cute couple!

JEZEBELThis scandal involving Prince Charles isn’t as bad as any of the disgusting stories about Andrew, but it’s still wild. “The Prince of Wales has found himself awfully close to a burgeoning ‘cash for access’ scandal involving one of his charitable organizations, his former valet, some very rich men, and — a deep cut specifically for the historical romance fans, here — the editor of Burke’s Peerage. Three employees at the Prince’s Foundation have already resigned”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPMama June’s former boyfriend Geno Doak has apparently checked into rehab in South Carolina, where he’ll be for “at least” 120 days

THE GISTI will never drink Mountain Dew flavored with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but this essay on the experience of drinking it & on the (surprisingly extensive) history of spicy cola is a beautiful odyssey

LAINEY GOSSIPRihanna’s Savage X Fenty show “has now become an annual tradition…[it’s] now prestige, it’s a point of pride, something to aspire to. And what’s especially beautiful about that is that the opportunity is both exclusive, in that not everybody makes the cut, but it’s also inclusive, in terms of who’s represented in the cut”

GO FUG YOURSELFThis is indeed a terrible place for a belt

THE BLASTWell of course Tarek from Flip or Flop needed to make “significant changes” to plans for his wedding to Heather Rae Young. Christina just announced her third engagement

LINKS Norm Macdonald’s death, AOC’s dress, Jen Shah vs Meredith Marks…

THE GISTThere’s no better tribute, in the wake of Norm Macdonald’s death, than this story about the time an audience was so unprepared for his material that literally 90% of them walked out before Norm finished his set. Rest in peace you goddamn legend, and I hope that before the bitter end you were finally able to get health insurance

JEZEBELAOC’s dress at the 2021 Met Gala has gotten a ton of coverage; as with all things AOC, it’s been about half positive, half negative, and all inflammatory. Meanwhile, she’s one of the few liberal politicians who can work the media the way arch-conservatives do on the regular

GO FUG YOURSELFAnd speaking of weekend fashion gossip that’s still getting coverage: evidently “Some folks went to the VMAs and the Tom Ford show on the SAME NIGHT!” The thought of going to two regular person parties in one night sounds like too much to me; I can barely imagine handling two high-profile deals like these

REALITY TEAMeredith Marks, you know damn well that Jen Shah kept filming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after she got arrested because that shit sells. Is Meredith just jealous that Jen is now the focal point of the next two RHOSLC seasons at least?

CELEBITCHY“The Duke & Duchess of Sussex cover Time’s ‘Most Influential People’ issue.” Kate & William still playing catch-up, I see

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPJason Alexander, who was once married to Britney Spears for almost two-and-a-half days, says he thinks Britney’s engagement to Sam Asghari is “fake.” People will do anything to stay a footnote

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTeen Mom OG Season 9B Episode 13 Recap: Dissing People on Instagram & a Disappointing Gender Reveal”

DLISTEDAllison Mack went the Felicity Huffman route and checked into prison early for her sentence on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges. Mack has three years to serve, compared to Huffman’s fortnight, so every second counts

THE BLAST“Country star Reba McEntire was just rescued from a building in Oklahoma after part of it collapsed leaving her trapped on the second level”

LAINEY GOSSIP“Well this feels like a throwback – this used to be a site favourite: photos of Tom Hardy with dogs. I couldn’t get enough of it and readers couldn’t get enough of it. And now it’s 2021 and Tom Hardy is starting to promote Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which sounds like a WWE event and not a comic book movie but, whatever, here we are, the movie’s coming out in less than a month and Tom and director Andy Serkis attended a fan screening last night in London and Tom’s plus one was his dog, Blue”

LINKS Met Gala 2021 looks, Sami Sheen abuse allegations, RHOSLC drama…

JEZEBELSo the Met Gala was last night. Attendees had to be vaccinated, which is good. There was also, as there always is, an annoyingly broad theme: “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” Some celebrities did a great job with that; most did not. Here are the Met Gala 2021 looks!

LAINEY GOSSIPAnd here’s a more specific look at the Met Gala 2021 looks of the men in attendance. Unsurprisingly, the headliner here is Lil Nas X, whose purple outfit was a lot in kind of a meh way but whose golden ensemble looked like the sexiest C-3PO you ever daydreamed about as a confused, experimental teenager

CELEBITCHYI’m not sure I agree that Hailey and Justin Bieber “actually looked pretty awesome”; his pants are for smuggling, not wearing. But they do look great together (and somehow are still making it work)

THE BLASTKim Kardashian, meanwhile, took a page from Kanye’s book and went dressed head to toe in a black cat burglar’s outfit, topped off with a mask that completely obscured her face

DLISTEDCharlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ daughter Sami Sheen has moved out of her mother’s house and claims she was living in an “abusive household”

REALITY TEARHOSLC star Whitney Rose says her castmate Jen Shah is the “fakest” member of the cast. I mean, Jen *is* headed to trial on federal fraud charges, so there’s an argument to be made?

THE GISTThe MTV VMAs are now just like every other awards show: too long

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Street Brawls, Bottom Feeders & a Cheating Bombshell: TLC Releases Trailer for Season 3 of The Family Chantel

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPYes, Britney is getting a prenup

GO FUG YOURSELF“What Could Bump the VMAs From Our First Slot of the Day? Why, Bennifer in Venice, Of Course.”