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My 600 Lb Life David and Benji now 2

MY 600 LB LIFE David and Benji continue to amaze in brand-new weight loss pics

We’ve got a brand new update on one of the most successful weight loss stories in My 600 Lb Life history — and it’s a very big one indeed. Brothers David and Benji Bolton, who lost more weight than any other Season 6 cast members, are looking even slimmer and happier in these new pics! Read on for the latest!

FAMILY BY THE TON King Family debuts as the show expands for Season 2

Family By The Ton King Family Amanda November 2018

Who are the new cast members on Family By The Ton this season? And how do they look now? Meet Amanda, Amy, Casey, and Ed — better known as the the Family By The Ton King Family, who now star alongside the Andersons of Season 1 on the TLC hit. Read on for the latest updates on the four family members, along with some new weight loss pics!

How many Kardashians are pregnant right now?

How many Kardashians are pregnant 2

The Kardashians didn’t wait long to announce the family’s latest pregnancy. Just two days into the new year, Kim and Kanye revealed they’re expecting baby number four via surrogate sometime in the late summer. With gossip and speculation about further Kardashian babies all a-swirl, one can only wonder whether Kris Jenner is engineering another multi-pregnancy headline dominating frenzy for her family.