PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life’s Brandi Dreier is getting ready for baby #2

Brandi Dreier update 2

It’s yet another joyous Brandi Dreier update for the former My 600 Lb Life star! Last year, Starcasm broke the news of the birth of Brandi’s first child; now, we can exclusively confirm that Brandi is only a few weeks away from giving birth to baby #2!

Although she gave birth in the summer of 2018, the famously private Brandi and her husband kept the news largely confined to their own social media feeds for months. It wasn’t until early 2019 that we found out Brandi had given birth to a beautiful baby girl all the way back on June 12, 2018. (And speaking of privacy: to date, neither Brandi nor her husband nor her sister Kandi have shared the little girl’s name.)

Since then, every one of Brandi’s check-ins has positively overflowed with love for her little girl. So it comes as no surprise that this Brandi Dreier update confirms that we are only about three weeks away from welcoming Brandi’s second child into the world 🙂

(Before we go on, a quick note on Brandi’s name. Brandi did take her husband’s last name when they married; she now goes by Brandi Ejioye. We use her maiden name in the article because it’s still what most My 600 Lb Life fans know her as.)

For starters, here’s the latest ultrasound that Brandi has shared. She posted it in late September, just under a month before her due date:

Brandi Dreier update 3

And here’s the complete caption Brandi wrote for the latest pic of her unborn second daughter:

This little lady wanted to share a big smile with everyone 😊 🥰. She will be here in just a few short weeks and we are so excited. I can’t believe I have been blessed beyond words and I’m so thankful for my babies each and everyday. Due to obvious reasons I won’t be having a baby shower. I want everyone to stay safe and healthy and happy. I have a Amazon baby registry though if anyone wants to spoil this little lady ❤. Please stay safe everyone.

Based on the aforementioned registry, it looks like Brandi’s due date is October 21st. There are also some super cute little rompers and other outfits that remain unpurchased, should any My 600 Lb Life fans reading this article want to contribute 🙂

In an earlier Brandi Dreier update, the Washington native opened up about some of the difficulties of being an expectant mother during a global pandemic. “It’s been very hard being pregnant during this covid situation, having to be all alone during all my appointments is sad for me,” Brandi wrote in late July. “And I know sad for my husband because he is missing out. I pray that he will at least be able to be in the room with me when its time to give birth. I’m really bummed out because I probably won’t be having a baby shower either because of not wanting anyone to get sick and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better as of now.”

Fortunately, it seems like love and excitement are outweighing any open anxiety. Fingers crossed that the final days of Brandi’s pregnancy are completely boring and culminate in an easy birth.

If you’d like to catch up on Brandi and her sister Kandi’s weight loss journey, both their 2017 My 600 Lb Life episode and 2018 Where Are They Now? follow-up are available to stream.

(Photo credit: Brandi Dreier update via Facebook)

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