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MILF MANOR April Jayne on Married With Children, Alabama music video, modeling photos

For most of the women featured on TLC’s new reality series MILF Manor, their appearance on the show will be the first time they will be in the public eye. However, that is not the case for at least one of the MILFs — not at all!

60-year-old April Jayne has a lot of experiencing -ILFing. As a model, she scored countless magazine covers and photo shoots, as well as appearances in numerous music videos for artists like Ted Nugent, David Lee Roth, and even Alabama! Plus, she has appeared in several TV shows, including a lengthy role as Muffy the lingerie sales clerk on Married With Children.

90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen sells foreclosed home for $1.395 million

No one was more ready to see 2022 go than Michael Jessen! The year brought him a divorce, a renewed custody battle for his two children (who are now reportedly living with their mother in Michigan), continuing foreclosure proceedings, his ex-wife Juliana’s immediate rebound and baby, and no fewer than four civil lawsuits.

Just before 2022 ended, Michael was able to close out another unfortunate chapter as he sold his Connecticut house for $1.395 million roughly 15 months after foreclosure proceedings were initiated.

Does Whitney Thore have a sibling who isn’t Babs’ who will be on MBFFL Season 11?

Whitney Way Thore seemingly confirmed there will be a My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 when she recently revealed filming starts again in February. The potential new season comes as a surprise to many fans who thought the emotional Season 10 featuring the health issues surrounding Whitney’s mother, Barbara “Babs” Way Thore, was going to be the last. However, the potential new season makes A LOT of sense if you believe a new bombshell report about Glenn having a child that isn’t Babs’!

SISTER WIVES Janelle’s money helped buy Robyn’s sprawling home

In the episode of Sister Wives airing tonight titled “The Knife in the Kidneys,” Janelle reveals some information about her financial situation in the family that great impacts her personal freedom and ability to divorce Kody if she wants to. Janelle owns no home of her own, yet she used her own money to help Robyn buy her $900,000 house.

SISTER WIVES How much did Christine buy and sell her house for? When did Kody remove his name?

On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown announces to Kody and her former sister wives that she has a buyer under contract on her Flagstaff home and she plans to move to Utah the following week. The sale of the property seemed like a great opportunity to expand our Sister Wives real estate coverage by doing a deep dive on Christine’s Flagstaff house!