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How many Kardashians are pregnant 2

How many Kardashians are pregnant right now?

The Kardashians didn’t wait long to announce the family’s latest pregnancy. Just two days into the new year, Kim and Kanye revealed they’re expecting baby number four via surrogate sometime in the late summer. With gossip and speculation about further Kardashian babies all a-swirl, one can only wonder whether Kris Jenner is engineering another multi-pregnancy headline dominating frenzy for her family.

Does Kanye West have brain damage from his car accident years ago?

Kanye West’s public antics have been questionable for awhile, and many speculate that Kanye has a mental health issue that affects his thinking and behavior (just yesterday Kanye brought up during his Trump meeting press conference that he was “misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, and he has previous spoken out about becoming addicted to opiates.) Podcaster Joe Rogan, however, has a different speculative explanation for why Kanye publicly acts out the way her does: his devastating 2002 car crash in Los Angeles after a recording session.

REPORT Kanye West may be the second Kardashian to reach billionaire status

Is Kanye West really a billionaire

For months, Kanye West has been telling anyone who’ll listen that Yeezy has put him on the fast track to becoming a billionaire. And now he has Kim Kardashian making the talk show rounds to claim the same thing. But is Kanye really that rich, or is Kylie Jenner still the only member of her family with a ten-figure fortune?