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TIKTOK Sarah Joy faked being Amish?

Yesterday (March 26, 2024) a TikToker named Sarah Joy who goes by @thatplaingirl had her fans extremely worried. She had amassed a following of over 400k with the story that she was a Plain, a.k.a. Amish, girl who had somehow snuck a cellphone and dreamed of escaping her life to become a hairdresser.

In her last TikTok, Sarah Joy displayed a far different demeanor from her usual bubbly or bubbly self and she appeared to read off a script as she announced that this was her “last TikTok while she’s still in the community (meaning the Amish community.)”

Since then multiple people have come forward with evidence that Sarah may have never been Amish at all. What’s going on with Sarah Joy?

YOUTUBE Destiny Cook cheated on her ex-girlfriend with Amberlynn Reid in 2015

Controversial vlogging YouTuber Amberlynn Reid is such a topic of online conversation that she a cottage commentary community based solely on her life and behavior.

The major catalyst for Amberlynn’s breakout success as a YouTuber in 2016 came from her relationship Destiny Cook, which started in 2015. The dynamic of the couple and their willingness to share almost every moment of their lives in barely edited vlogs engrossed viewers.

When Destiny broke up in 2017, the dramatic factor of the Amberlynn’s story ramped up and interest in her and everyone she vlogged exploded. Now, Destiny is no longer friends with Amberlynn and is finally speaking out about her time dating and being friends with Amberlynn on her YouTube channel called “Lightly Toasted.”

TIKTOK Was Ken Waks investigating serial killers to promote an app?

For a while over the past few weeks a TikToker named Ken Waks was showing up on a lot of “For You” pages with disturbing information: he was investigating a plethora of unsolved deaths in cities like Chicago, Austin, Boston, and beyond that he thought were all connected. Was he really onto something, or was he using the tragedy of others to promote an app?

YouTuber Foodie Beauty tricked into giving her cat to her nemesis instead of euthanizing her

Canadian YouTuber Foodie Beauty a.k.a Chantal Sauralt (38) has recently converted to Islam and is moving to Kuwait to be with her new husband Salah. Because of this, she is cutting ties with her life in Canada by rehoming her cats, and leaving the apartment she shares with her ex-fiancé Peetz.

One of Chantals’ cats is elderly, and Chantal has been strongly suggesting that she planned to euthanize her. In a bid to save the cat’s life Chantal’s biggest online hater and nemesis, the reaction channel French Fried Gorl, led Chantal into thinking she was rehoming the cat with a bed-bound fan of her channel. The person was a viewer, but what Chantal didn’t know was that she is also related to French Fried Gorl, and French Friend Gorl will be financially taking care of the cat.