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Exclusive: LB Bonner’s family files multimillion dollar My 600 Lb Life lawsuit against show’s producers over his suicide

The family of My 600 Lb Life fan favorite LB Bonner, who committed suicide in 2018 during a battle against depression, is suing the show’s production company for what they say is the producers’ role in LB’s death. The My 600 Lb Life lawsuit alleges “gross negligence” on the part of Megalomedia, claiming the company backed out of several promises to LB, pressured him into filming when he was unprepared, and failed to provide him with mental health care after he began exhibiting worrisome signs.

LINKS Meghan Edmonds threesomes, RIP Mr. Peanut, Clinton vs. Sanders part two…

REALITY TEAJust when you thought you’d heard the last of the Meghan Edmonds threesomes, the gossip cycle pulls you back in. Meghan is trying to get public opinion back on her side by crying foul over a discussion — on her own podcast — of the threesomes she and Jim Edmonds had. Meghan says she feels “like a target” now, which, maybe stop giving the story oxygen by addressing it on your many public venues, then?

THE BLASTPlanters Peanuts is trying to drum up social media chatter by releasing its Super Bowl ad way early. In the ad, Mr. Peanut gets killed in pretty standard action movie fashion (falling off a cliff onto an exploding car). I can’t help wondering if they would have blown more minds by releasing the commercial during the actual game itself

CELEBITCHYHillary Clinton is petty as hell

JEZEBELGood story; strong headline: “This Woman Used a Louis Vuitton Purse to Make a Prosthetic Leg”

LAINEY GOSSIPNo one involved with Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie is enthusiastic about it, least of all Craig himself. The more press for this movie I see the more interested in its publicity tour, already far more intricate and entertaining than the movie itself could ever hope to be

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“More Details Emerge About Jen Harley’s Alleged Attack on Jersey Shore Ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro”

GO FUG YOURSELF“We Had a Tube Top AND a Formal Sports Bra at the SAGs”

THE BLEMISHSelena Gomez bought a ton of copies of her new album to get it to #1 (a plan that worked), then…both admitted she had done it and that it was a desperate move? I can almost — almost — respect the admission, though that doesn’t make it any less desperate

VOXThe Trump impeachment proceedings continue to be of the “Pants On Fire” variety

DLISTEDThe upcoming American Crime Story: Impeachment will feature Billy Eichner as arch-conservative gossip columnist Matt Drudge. Hopefully Eichner does his best impression of Brandon Scott Jones playing a dead gossip columnist test subject on this season of The Good Place, because it’s going to be impossible to see that character any other way

My 600 Lb Life Bethany update: ‘I am truly sorry if the episode made you angry’

We’ve got an intriguing My 600 Lb Life Bethany update for you, in the aftermath of Season 8 cast member Bethany Stout’s reality TV debut. After her first episode was widely excoriated by viewers, Bethany shared a lengthy post in which she offered an apology to anyone she’d offended, and suggested that the show’s producers played a significant role in her overall negative depiction.

Is Love & Hip Hop London already filming? Next LHH spinoff rumored

The rumors about a Love & Hip Hop London spin-off have cropped up once again, but this time there may be more truth to them. According to multiple sources, there’s a “high chance” of London becoming the franchise’s first international city, and several new cast members have reportedly been spotted filming. Keep reading for the latest…

My 600 Lb Life JT episode: Early details, weight loss progress revealed

The My 600 Lb Life JT episode is one fans have been awaiting eagerly, even if they didn’t know it. It turns out that native Oklahoman JT Clark is the person behind the mystery 892 pound weigh-in we saw in the Season 8 trailer a few weeks back. Fortunately for viewers still frustrated with Bethany’s story, it looks like JT’s episode has a very different outcome.

LINKS NeNe quitting RHOA, Brad and Jen Defcon 1, Impeachment fashion…

REALITY TEAThere’s a rumor going around about NeNe quitting RHOA after this season, which appears to be based on the fact that she’s barely appeared in any episodes for an appreciable amount of time and because Wendy Williams says NeNe is “keeping a major secret,” one that could lead to her departure

CELEBITCHYThere’s a ton of Brad & Jan gossip out there right now, so let’s all remember the basics of their SAG Awards (non) drama: “Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston went to the same SAG after-party & did not hang out”

JEZEBELIt’s impeachment season, and here’s your red carpet review. Oddly enough, Mitch McConnell doesn’t look as terrible as you might expect? and Pat Cipollone looks like the ghost of Harold Ramis possessed by Roy Cohn

VOXSpeaking of which: Not that it makes this any less harmful to democracy or the general public good, but Trump’s lawyers opening his impeachment trial with a defense of 100% lies should surprise precisely no one

DLISTEDTaylor Swift would like you to believe that she isn’t the least bit bothered by the enormous overturned litterbox otherwise known as Cats

THE BLEMISHFormer NFL superstar and current former NFL superstar Antonio Brown is a suspect in a criminal battery case also involving burglary. And before you ask: Yes, this is separate from the Antonio Brown bag of dicks story from earlier this week

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPMama June was spotted hawking her diamond ring at a semi-rural Georgia pawn shop this week, and she apparently took way less than the ring was worth

LAINEY GOSSIPI knew there was a new Bad Boys movie coming out soon but I honestly and completely forgot about Bad Boys II ever coming out at all, which I guess is kind of the point of the new one

GO FUG YOURSELFDutchess Catherine is making the absolute most of Meghan’s departure

THE BLASTThere’s no way this was the first time Wendy Williams farted on live TV. A better question would be how often do people who spend as much time on TV as Wendy Williams fart and get away with it

PHOTOS MY 600 LB LIFE Marla McCants is readying her tell-all book

Marla McCants is the rare My 600 Lb Life cast member whose weight loss journey has actually become *more* dramatic since she stopped filming for the show. The tale of Marla McCants now is one of shocking weight loss, sordid accusations, and, above all, an unshakeable belief that things can — and will — get better.

LINKS Thomas Markle vs Meghan, Lev Parnas spills tea, Racist #PumpRules tweets…

CELEBITCHYIn case the decay of their relationship wasn’t already bad enough, we’re about to get Thomas Markle vs Meghan in court, too. It looks like Thomas — who, in case you forgot, is Dutchess Meghan’s father — is prepared to testify against his daughter in Meghan’s defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail. Over the past year, Thomas has shown himself to be fairly unreliable when it comes to spinning a narrative; if I’m the DM, I can’t be thrilled about having him take the stand

LAINEY GOSSIPIn related Sussexit / Megxit news, Prince William and Catherine were near peak pettiness while stepping out for the first time since the shit hit the fan

VOXLev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani’s associate and co-crime-doer, Ukraine Division, just turned over a bunch of documents to the House Intelligence Committee detailing more Ukraine-related crimes he and Rudy Giuliani did at Donald Trump’s behest, some of them literally written out in longhand on fancy hotel stationary. This is like when the FBI raids the Kansas City headquarters in Casino and finds all the evidence they need literally written out in notebooks

THE BLASTIt seems one of Vanderpump Rules‘ new cast members forgot to delete a few mildly racist tweets after being added to the show

JEZEBELThis story about the complete meltdown of and nuclear fallout from the Romance Writers of America’s recent orgy of backstabbing and deception is very long and complicated and also completely bananas and really just so very, very worth your time and attention

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAshley Jacobs’ response to her fellow current and former Southern Charm co-stars and lovers Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel getting back together is shade in a few different hues

DLISTEDWorth the click for this article’s very excellent opening sentence alone: “It seems that Josie Canseco’s thirst for douche fumes knows no limits”

GO FUG YOURSELFThe thing that makes this lowkey my favorite headline of the last few days is how perfectly, compactly understated the joke is

REALITY TEAHere it is only mid-January and Bethenny Frankel is coming in hard with her submission for understatement of the year

THE BLEMISHI almost hate to direct quote so many times in a single links post, but here’s another strong contender for Headline Of The Week: “Do You Wanna See Flume Eat Out Lizzo’s Butt?”