Derick Dillard cheating rumors 1

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar might be cheating on each other

They’re back! The Derick Dillard cheating rumors have resurfaced almost exactly one year after the first round of gossip. Thanks to a string of strange behavior and cryptic social media posts from Derick and his wife Jill Duggar, fans and followers alike are obsessed with what looks like — hard though it may be to believe — the possibility of Derick finding himself a side piece.

Is RuPaul leaving Drag Race after Season 11?

Is RuPaul leaving Drag Race 1

His most famous show is in no danger of cancellation, but is RuPaul leaving Drag Race after the next season? The recent announcement that RuPaul is getting his own talk show has the rumor mill buzzing over the possibility that his schedule is simply too crowded, that something has to go — and that that something might just be Drag Race itself.

Blac Chyna dumped her 18-year-old boyfriend because he allegedly got a side chick pregnant

Why did Blac Chyna split with YBN Almighty Jay 1

Blac Chyna, who raised eyebrows when she stepped out with 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay, then raised them mid-forehead when she allegedly got pregnant with his baby, is single once again. But why did Blac Chyna split with YBN Almighty Jay? Apparently, the teenager is expecting a child — just with a different woman altogether.

Who is Kendall Jenner dating? Her NBA boyfriend carousel adds more seats

Who is Kendall Jenner dating

Now that her tumultuous time with Blake Griffin has come to an abrupt close, it looks like Kendall Jenner has begun playing the field once more. But Kendall hasn’t strayed too far from the upper ranks of the NBA. Her new beau is yet another budding superstar — that is, unless she’s dating two people at the same time once again…