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JERSEY SHORE Snooki shares first sonogram of third baby on YouTube

It’s happening! Snooki announced her pregnancy with her third child with husband Jionni LaValle last week and now she’s sharing her pregnancy journey on YouTube. In the video shared today Snooki says she’s been trying to get pregnant for a while and is happy to share that she’s now expecting baby number three.

JERSEY SHORE Are Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley expecting a second child, or are they just trolling the Internet?

Jersey Shore‘s turbulent couple Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley welcomed their first child together this year, but they also went through violent fights that left the audience disturbed. Now, it appears the couple are trolling the Internet trying to get a reaction with potential news that Jen may be expecting a sibling for their daughter Ariana Sky. They shared photos of Jen’s baby bump, but are these recent photos or from her first pregnancy?

Did Sweet Home Sextuplets use fertility drugs? Courtney Waldrop’s 1-in-5-billion pregnancy, explained

Did Sweet Home Sextuplets use fertility drugs

The odds of conceiving sextuplets naturally are almost too astronomical to consider. So did Sweet Home Sextuplets use fertility drugs? And which drugs did they use? Alabama mom and TLC reality star Courtney Waldrop explains how she came to be pregnant with six children at once — and reveals a ton of fascinating details about her pregnancy and her sextuplets’ delivery!

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Names, location, and fertility details for TLC’s newest family

Sweet Home Sextuplets names 3

TLC’s newest foray into fertility TV is here, and we’ve got all the info you need on the show. Read on for the complete breakdown of Sweet Home Sexuplets names, along with the Waldrop family’s location, and an explanation of how Courtney came to be pregnant with six babies simultaneously…