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Blac Chyna dumped her 18-year-old boyfriend because he allegedly got a side chick pregnant

Why did Blac Chyna split with YBN Almighty Jay 1

Blac Chyna, who raised eyebrows when she stepped out with 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay, then raised them mid-forehead when she allegedly got pregnant with his baby, is single once again. But why did Blac Chyna split with YBN Almighty Jay? Apparently, the teenager is expecting a child — just with a different woman altogether.

PHOTOS Is Blac Chyna pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay?

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If you are female, sexually mature, and Kardashian-adjacent by either marriage or baby mama drama, the pregnancy gossip mill is coming for you. Mere weeks after the third new Kardashian baby of 2018 and just days after talk of Kendall Jenner’s alleged pregnancy surfaced comes rumors of Blac Chyna pregnant.

Blac Chyna mired in controversy over photo of baby daughter Dream in pink hair clips

Blac Chyna took to Instagram to share a cute photo of her one-year-old daughter Dream sporting a pair of pink hair clips. But Blac’s post met with such a wave of criticism that she took the photo down. Blac has previously sported pink hair — which it turns out is one reason why many had a problem with Dream’s hair clips.