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How many Kardashians are pregnant 2

How many Kardashians are pregnant right now?

The Kardashians didn’t wait long to announce the family’s latest pregnancy. Just two days into the new year, Kim and Kanye revealed they’re expecting baby number four via surrogate sometime in the late summer. With gossip and speculation about further Kardashian babies all a-swirl, one can only wonder whether Kris Jenner is engineering another multi-pregnancy headline dominating frenzy for her family.

Kim Kardashian finally discovered the SERIAL podcast ‘Is he guilty or innocent?!?!’ 🕵️‍♀️

It’s been four long year since the gripping true crime podcast Serial took the world by storm and fostered a million more true crime podcasts trying to fill the void it left in audio entertainment. Even Serial podcast itself hasn’t bene able to live up to the fervor it initially unleashed with its inaugural season.

REPORT Kanye West may be the second Kardashian to reach billionaire status

Is Kanye West really a billionaire

For months, Kanye West has been telling anyone who’ll listen that Yeezy has put him on the fast track to becoming a billionaire. And now he has Kim Kardashian making the talk show rounds to claim the same thing. But is Kanye really that rich, or is Kylie Jenner still the only member of her family with a ten-figure fortune?

VIDEO – Kim Kardashian snaps at Kourtney, insults her looks

In a preview clip of the latest episode of KUWTK, Kim Kardashian snaps at her older sister Kourtney over a scheduling conflict with the family Christmas photo. Things get rough and Kim digs deep – attacking Kourtney’s appearance not being “least interesting to look at” of the celebrity family. Kim not only attacks Kourtney’s looks […]

Kim Kardashian didn’t make Time’s ‘Most Influential People on the Internet’ list because she’s no longer one of them

How influential is Kim Kardashian

Time just published its fourth annual list of what it considers to be the Most Influential People On The Internet, and stirred up a bit of publicity for itself by leaving Kim Kardashian off the list for the first time. But does Kim — who still boasts one of the largest social media followings in the entire world — really deserve to be included?