LINKS! Cardi B stole the Grammys, Grammy fashion roundup, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston renewed?…

Cardi B stole the Grammys

LAINEY GOSSIPIs anyone surprised that Cardi B stole the Grammys in terms of fashion if not entirely? Invasion of Privacy made her the first solo artist to win Best Rap Album, and her red carpet outfit somehow managed to channel Bjork and “The Birth of Venus”

DLISTEDHere’s the rest of the most worthwhile red carpet looks, including Kylie Jenner’s bizarre not-Michael-Jackson pink…thing, George Clinton looking remarkably restrained (for him), and A$AP Rocky wearing the outfit Kylie should have (among others)

CELEBITCHYGrammy Hot Takes Alert: “Michelle Obama was the best part of the Grammys. Alicia Keys was the worst part.”

THE BLASTBrad Pitt stopped by Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party last weekend, nbd

VOXIs there anybody left out there who *doesn’t* believe that the government is going to shut down again in four more days?

THE BLEMISHIt was a pretty open secret that Bob Costas got fired from doing the Super Bowl last year for talking about how football leads to head injuries and brain trauma and he wouldn’t let his kids play, but now we have confirmation

JEZEBELVirginia governor Ralph Northam should maybe not…say…words? So much? Right now?

REALITY TEAAndy Cohen has been a father for like a week and he’s already getting dragged on social media; this time it’s for taking his newborn son on a plane for a cross-country flight

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Johnny Bananas Says ‘The Challenge’ Newcomers Are Not Fit To Carry On The Franchise”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW My 600 Lb Life’s Chad Dean reveals his total weight loss & Where Are They Now plans

Chad Dean weight loss 2

My 600 Lb Life star Chad Dean has a new book out detailing his weight loss struggles — and a new lease on life thanks to his weight loss success! In an exclusive interview with Starcasm, Chad revealed his full weight loss, and explained why he may have parted ways with the show that helped him get to where he is today.

How does Home Town keep the reveal hidden from the family?

HGTV Home Town reveal 2

We’ve answered just about every other question you have regarding Erin and Ben Napier’s hit show, and now we can explain the last big one: How does the HGTV Home Town reveal actually work? Do the homeowners always sneak a peek at their new digs, or do the producers manage to keep the house a secret? Read on to find out what happens!

1 Billion Orgasms 6

REVIEW In ‘1 Billion Orgasms,’ female ejaculation and commodity fetish collide

1 Billion Orgasms, from filmmakers Brent Kinets and Terence Mickey, is a documentary about biomedical engineer Aaron Headley and his invention, the Squirt Watch. The watch is intended to help the wearer bring about female ejaculation, but Aaron — who invented it to create the billion orgasms of the title — quickly loses sight of what he says he wants.

Erica Mena might be pregnant with Safaree’s baby; LHHATL reveal rumored

Is Erica Mena pregnant 1

It turns out there may have been a reason other than true love for Safaree Samuels to put a ring on Erica Mena’s finger so quickly. Based on the latest social media tease from the couple, Erica may be pregnant — and the gossip over her maybe-baby bump is flying fast and furious. Read on for the latest!

LINKS! Nancy Pelosi’s hate-clap, True crime explained, Nick Cannon trolls Kylie…

Nancy Pelosi's hate-clap

CELEBITCHYWe’re two days removed from the 2019 State of the Union Address, and Nancy Pelosi’s hate-clap reaction continues to gather viral steam

JEZEBELEnjoy this podcast intended “to help figure out what is so appealing about content about grisly murders and serial killers” and basically why there’s such a true crime boom in the entertainment world

THE BLEMISHNick Cannon has replaced Wendy Williams on her talk show while Williams is on medical leave, and for no apparent he’s chosen to make trolling Kylie Jenner a regular part of his hosting duties. As someone who has done the same thing for years, I celebrate Nick Cannon’s use of his new platform

DLISTEDJay-Z is helping raise money and hire lawyers for 21 Savage’s battle with ICE after he (Savage) was arrested and detained for overstaying his visa

THE BLASTKathryn Dennis and Bravo are both dragging disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel via legal documents in one of his many current court battles. The legal drag is one of the most satisfying high-profile insults and these documents do not disappoint

REALITY TEASurprise, surprise: Another one of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club employees thinks she’s a terrible boss. Now to set up a reality TV showdown between Lohan and Lisa Vanderpump

LAINEY GOSSIP*Have* you watched Russian Doll yet?

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTyra Banks (and her team of investors) is opening a model-themed theme park in Santa Monica. It will be called Modelland. It is the fashion world’s answer to Eataly

VOXIt turns out that honeybees’ brains are sophisticated enough for them to learn basic math and also understand the concept of zero. And spiders can do the same thing. Based on this knowledge, I vote we all just turn everything over to the insects and let them run the planet for a few thousand generations