LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte’s ex Nicolle is a stripper now? Did she break up with Tia?

It seems that Love After Lockup‘s Daonte Sierra may FINALLY get to see Nicolle Bradley’s boobs without having to shell out for a boob job! Nicolle revealed on Instagram this week that she is getting back into the adult entertainment business as an exotic dancer at the Mermaids strip club in Virginia Beach!

Plus… Did Nicolle and wife Tia break up?!


SISTER WIVES Where is Janelle living now? Still in an RV?

In this past Sunday’s Sister Wives episode we got the stunning revelation that Janelle is in a bad financial bind with the Brown family. She owns no real estate assets in her name only, and gave up half of the money she got from selling her Las Vegas property to Robyn’s down payment. She also revealed that Kody doesn’t care about her living situation. Where is Janelle living now? Is she still living in the RV (fifth wheel)?

Meet Brenda and Steve Foley’s new girlfriend Nina SEEKING SISTER WIFE

Seeking Sister Wife couple Brenda and Steve Foley have been teasing the fact that they are dating someone new for a couple months now on social media. After meeting up with their prospective new sister wife in Las Vegas and San Diego, she was finally able to visit the Foleys at their Texas home this weekend and Steve used the opportunity to introduce their new boo to all of their Instagram followers!