DARCEY & STACEY Does Stacey Silva have cancer?

During Episode 9, Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey “Blow up in Bodrum,” the twins are in Turkey for their plastic surgery transformation, a.k.a. their “Twinsformation.” They’re getting new veneers, breast surgery, and liposuction, among other things. Stacey has been keeping a secret from Darcey, though: she’s trying to get pregnant with her husband Florian. While she went to see her fertility options with a doctor, the doctor found a concerning cyst her left ovary. She’s now awaiting news as to whether or not the cyst is cancerous.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Rachel shares 1st photos of biological son, plus Dougie update

Starcasm readers should be aware of the fact that fan favorite Love After Lockup star Rachel has a biological son that was not featured on the show as we included some information about that in our initial profile post on her and Doug. However, many of Rachel’s Instagram followers were shocked when she posted a couple photos of Dougie and her biological son on Instagram earlier today.