Love During Lockup Shonta evicted from rental, True has a son EXCLUSIVE

Love During Lockup Shonta and True together

Starcasm has some exclusive tea to spill on Love During Lockup couple Shonta and True! Shonta was evicted from the Missouri house she claimed to be paying a mortgage on, and True is a dad?!

In Shonta’s intro during Episode 2, she reveals that she moved to Missouri a week prior so that True could live with her when he was released on parole.

“In order for True to be paroled to Kansas, there’s a one-year wait time to be reviewed,” Shonta explained in a confessional. “We didn’t want to wait a year, so I decided to move to Missouri.”

Shonta was paying 2 mortgages?

Shonta explained that her move to Missouri was a huge financial burden, due in part to still owning a house in Kansas.

“Right now, my house in Kansas is up for sale,” Shonta claimed. “I’m hoping that it sells soon. I’m stuck paying two mortgages.”

Shonta then reveals just how much owning two homes is costing her. “I’m probably spending about $5,000 a month. It put me probably in one of, like, the hardest financial places I’ve been in a very long time.”

Here’s the clip with Shonta:

Shonta didn’t own 2 houses

On the show, Shonta shared video of the Kansas house she claimed to be selling. Using the video, combined with information available online, it is possible to match the house to a property located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Here are some side-by-side images from Shonta’s video and the Kansas City property listing:

Love During Lockup Shonta's house in Kansas

Did Love During Lockup star Shonta really own two houses, including one in Kansas?

As you may have noticed from the added text on the photos above, the property listing for the Kansas house was for a rental. Was Shonta renting the house?

According to Kansas property records, the home is owned by a Kansas LLC from an area southwest of Kansas City. There doesn’t appear to be any connection between Shonta and the LLC that owns the house.

The Zillow listing for the Kansas house indicates that it was last sold in 2012. It was listed for rent in February of 2023, and then again in November of 2023. The rent was $1,550 for both listings.

Did Shonta buy her Missouri house?

It doesn’t appear that Shonta bought the Independence, Missouri home she filmed in for Love During Lockup either.

Missouri property records indicate the house we see on the show is owned by a man in California.

Zillow indicates the property was listed for rent in August of 2023 for $1,695 a month. The rental price was lowered to $1,500 a month in September, and the listing was removed (indicating it was leased) in October.

That was one month before Shonta’s Kansas house was made available to rent, so it is possible she was paying rent on two properties for a month.

However, it is more likely that the Kansas landlord took a few weeks prepping the house before listing it again. That would mean Shonta wasn’t paying rent for two houses — much less two mortgages.

Love During Lockup Shonta and True

Shonta evicted earlier this year

One thing Shonta said about her living situation that may actually be true is that she was in a hard financial place at the time of filming.

According to court documents exclusively obtained by Starcasm, Shonta was sued for unpaid rent in December. That was less than two months after Shonta initially rented the property!

It seems the lawsuit inspired Shonta to break some piggy banks to cover the $1,500 she owed because the landlord dropped the suit on January 8.

However, Shonta was sued again for unpaid rent in late January! This time the landlord didn’t drop the suit and was awarded $5,449.68 in damages in March. The award included $4,500 for unpaid rent.

Court documents filed on April 8 indicate Shonta had voluntarily vacated the property.

Shonta’s eviction was not her first. Court records indicate she has been sued for eviction multiple times in the past 7 years.

Shonta was also pulled over for speeding in January. She was cited for expired temporary plates, no insurance, and no valid driver’s license — in addition to going 57mph in a 35mph zone.

True has a son

Shonta isn’t the only one Love During Lockup viewers weren’t getting the full facts about! It has yet to be mentioned on the show that her fiancé, True, has a son!

According to court documents, True was sued for child support in August of 2010. The dockets indicate that genetic test results were entered in December of 2010.

In January of 2011 a default judgment was entered in favor of the mother. Here is an excerpt from the docket entry:

A default judgment is entered for paternity. The father’s name shall be added to the birth record removing any name that may be listed there as father. The father shall pay $5.00 per month child support until 90 days from his release from prison when the amount will increase to $206.00 per month. The child support begin date will be 2/1/11 and he is to pay through the FSPC. The father shall provide health insurance when it becomes available through his employment. The PA’s Office will prepare the order.

It’s interesting to note that True was not serving his lengthy prison sentence yet. He was arrested for robbing a Kentucky Fried Chicken less than 2 months after the default judgment was entered. This was the conviction that resulted in True’s 15-year prison sentence.

True’s son and his mother are currently living in Virginia. Based on the mom’s social media posts, True’s son is currently around 15 years of age.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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