SUMMER HOUSE GOSSIP Fans want Amanda Batula and Jesse Solomon to hook up

Summer House viewers are getting tired of Kyle Cooke not appreciating his wife and business partner Amanda Batula and think Jesse Solomon might be a better match.

Are these two costars trolling their fans or are things getting spicy between Mrs. Cooke and the newbie with 1 testicle?

Kyle and Amanda Summer House issues 

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are stars of Bravo’s hit reality series Summer House, business partners in the alcohol brand Loverboy, and as of May 2022, husband and wife. Kyle, an OG of the series, began dating Amanda in 2017 and made it official with her during the finale of season 1.

Since then the couple has experienced a host of issues, including Cooke’s functional alcoholism and Batula’s perceived “laziness.” Kyle often points the finger at Amanda, 32, for “not doing anything,” prompting her to respond back attacks about how he parties and drinks until 4AM at the age of 41. (They also have differing opinions on raising a family and have reportedly suffered from fertility issues.)

The current season 8 shows many blow ups between the two, often leading the pair to spend time with their separate friend groups. It now appears newcomer Jesse Solomon may be leaning in to fill the void…?

Amanda Batula and Jesse Solomon

Fans of Summer House are sick of Kyle Cooke ragging on his wife Amanda for having to “parent” her and those with an eagle eye (and a dose of delusion) are convinced that she may be seeking out a more positive force.

Twitter is buzzing about “Jamanda” as “Kymanda” appears more and more doomed every day. Spotted together in several videos and photos on social media, it looks like Batula and newcomer Jesse Solomon even flirt in front of Kyle.

Jesse Solomon joined the cast of Summer House in 2024 and, unlike buddy West Wilson, has yet to set his sights on just one lady. He did however grab Amanda’s boob while Kyle was right there and then post it on TikTok…

To any one who is shocked about a Summer House cheating scandal, unclutch your pearls – Kyle cheated on Amanda in season 3 while completely blacked out.

Amanda Batula’s response

Turns out Amanda has gotten wind of these rumors and isn’t having it (or that’s what she wants us to believe…) Here she responds with “never gonna happen” but we think we see a smirk on her face.

Are Amanda Batula and Jesse Solomon just friends or is there a flirtation here that everyone but us is denying? Only time will tell, but it turns out we were right about #Doricio….

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