UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan’s bff Dalanie is viral ‘Romper Stomper’ porta potty brawler

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan's bestie Dalanie DiSabato is viral Romper Stomper porta potty brawler

During the Unexpected Season 6 Premiere, Jenna Ronan introduced viewers to her best friend Dalanie.

“Dalanie and I, we’ve been best friends for probably 10 to 11 years,” Jenna began her bestie intro. “But, after I got pregnant, I felt like I wasn’t allowed to be friends with Dalanie,” she continued.

Jenna claimed that Aden would get very upset is Jenna didn’t have Dalanie “blocked on everything.” Jenna added that simply texting Dalanie “Hi” was perceived by Aden as the equivalent of cheating on him.

In an unexpected twist, Dalanie then revealed that she not only dated Aden before Jenna, but she lost her virginity to him!

Jenna and Dalanie reconnect

“Last year, when I left Aden, I reconnected with Dalanie,” Jenna said. “And guess what? B*tch is raising my kid with me.”

Throughout the intro, we see numerous Tik Tok videos of Jenna and Dalanie (and Jenna’s son Luca) dancing and having fun.

It’s revealed during the Premiere that Jenna is moving to Myrtle Beach, and that move was mostly because of Jenna’s familiarity with the South Carolina resort town from multiple trips she took with Dalanie.

“I had my best friend back, the beach, sexy boys — like, what the Hell’s not to love?” Jenna said of Myrtle Beach.

Romper Stomper Dalanie DiSabato from viral porta potty war video is Jenna Ronan's best friend

Dalanie is viral “Romper Stomper” porta potty brawler

Jenna spent a lot of time introducing Dalanie to Unexpected viewers, but Dalanie was already familiar to millions of people thanks to a viral video!

The video was posted on Twitter by @barstoolsports in August of 2023 along with only three words: “PORTA POTTY WAR.”

In the video, two women get into a heated altercation outside a row of porta potties at a concert venue. Later in the clip, Dalanie (wearing a light blue romper and white cowboy boots) comes to the aid of the woman wearing a white mesh top — which was her mom.

Dalanie pulls a young lady out of the porta potty by her hair and slaps her in the head repeatedly.

She then returns and punches another woman (who was only trying to break up the initial fight) into the porta potty before slamming the door on her! Dalanie then opens the door back up and kicks the woman in the face!

The video went viral and Dalanie became known as the “Romper Stomper.”

Dalanie did a series of interviews in which she provided some context for what happened leading up to the altercation.

Dalanie and her mom were in attendance at a Morgan Wallen concert in Pittsburgh. Dalanie needed to pee and apparently cut in front of another girl in line without realizing it.

While Dalanie was in the porta potty and her mom was standing guard outside, the woman Dalanie cut in front of confronted her mom. As you can see in the video, things escalated VERY quickly!

Dalanie told Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy that she could hear the ruckus outside, and she had no idea what to expect when she opened the door.

“I just walked out and saw two girls ganging up on my mom, so I just did what I think any daughter would have done — I just beat the f*** out of them,” Dalanie said.

Dalanie DiSabato Tik Tok star

After the porta potty brawl video went viral, Dalanie embraced the spotlight and the “Romper Stomper” nickname.

Thanks to the crazy fight scene, combined with the fact that Dalanie is a very attractive young woman, her Tik Tok account BLEW UP quickly! And Dalanie responded with videos — LOTS of videos!

In one clip, Dalanie’s mom shared her side of the story — which was a little less joyful than Dalanie’s:

@dalaniedisabato Finally got the queen (MY MOM) to talk!!🤠✨ #romperstomper #fyp #morganwallen #foryou #portapotty #fight #fyp ♬ original sound – Dalanie DiSabato✨

The series of Romper Stomper celebration clips included one with Jenna, who was pregnant with her second child at the time:

@dalaniedisabato This is facts tho… 😅 #fypシ #foryoupage #romperstomper #viral #portapotty #morganwallen #fyp #starbucks ♬ Smell the grass the dirt – Traumatized._.catlover

If you’ll notice, the clip with Jenna has 5.5 MILLION views!

Dalanie’s Tik Tok currently has close to 150,000 subscribers and well over 7.5 million likes at the time of this post. Meanwhile, Dalanie’s Instagram account (which has far less content) has just over 59,000 followers.

Does Dalanie have an OnlyFans? It doesn’t appear that she does. However, she does have a Playboy.com account under her first name. I have no idea what kind of content she has available. Perhaps it’s a lot of sexy romper and boot porta potty pics? 😂

Will the Dalanie Romper Stomper video phenomenon be included on this season of Unexpected? Jenna has stated that TLC stopped filming the current season prior to her pregnancy last year. That would mean that Unexpected Season 6 production stopped before the Romper Stomper porta potty video went viral.

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