SUMMER HOUSE What company is Danielle Olivera a founder and CEO of?

Danielle Olivera declared that she’s a “founder and CEO” this season of Summer House and costar Paige DeSorbo questioned it with a cutting “OF WHAT?”

What business did Danielle Olivera create and is it worthy of Olivera’s hype?

Danielle Olivera

Danielle Olivera has been a star of Bravo’s hit reality series Summer House since she joined the cast in season 2 (2018.) Currently in its 8th season, Olivera is once again in the center of drama. 

Last season fans may recall that Danielle dealt with the news of friends Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s engagement rather poorly, as it just to happened to coincide with her breakup from boyfriend Robert Sieber of 2 years.

SUMMER HOUSE Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber SPLIT after 2 years!

Lindsay and Danielle claim to have repaired their friendship, but the house still has some tension with Danielle… this time the feud is between Olivera and Paige DeSorbo, and it all stems from some bold claims made during a heated discussion.

Founder and CEO

Summer House sophomore Gabby Prescod is looking for a man… but made the mistake of going head to head with her thirsty costar Danielle Olivera. When the infamous “Balloon Guy Joe” responded to Olivera’s aggressive advances, Prescod felt pressured by her friends to link up. (Maybe it’s because her ex-boyfriend cheated with Danielle?)

SUMMER HOUSE Who is Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod’s mutual ex?

Paige DeSorbo ends up being the one to console Gabby, leading her to exchange words with Danielle first chance she gets. During their heated exchange, DeSorbo tells Olivera that she has a harsh approach to people. Danielle claps back and says “as a founder and CEO” she knows how to talk to people.

DeSorbo, and fans, were stunned.

What is Danielle Olivera’s app?

So what IS Danielle Olivera a founder and CEO of? Turns out she cofounded a fashion app called Donne and we’ll all learn more about it when we watch it launch on Season 8 Episode 14 of Summer House. Donne was started by both Olivera and business partner Jim Brocato.

According to the official website for Donne, the app will help maximize your wardrobe and master “every damn look.”

[Donne is a] digital platform that maximizes your wardrobe potential so that you always have something to wear. Whether an expression of your current mood, nailing a dress code, or showing you me business, we exist to help you master every damn look.

There are two ways to interact with Donne, one as a “fashion enthusiast” and another as a “styling professional.”

Donne is a platform for fashion enthusiasts and professionals. With the app, users can not only manage their digital wardrobes, but also send outfits and lookbooks to friends, get daily styling recommendations and even hire a professional to help with everyday needs.

If you think it sounds like the opening scene of Clueless… they’re already one step ahead of you. Currently there is a waitlist to try the app but you can get an invite code easily by singing up on the website.

So there you have it! Danielle Olivera really is a (co)founder and CEO!

Episodes of Summer House Season 8 air on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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