LOVE DURING LOCKUP Are Shonta and True still together? Order of Protection issued against True in March?

Shonta and True from Love During Lockup

Love During Lockup’s Shonta is hoping for a happily ever after with her inmate bae True. Was their relationship derailed by an order of protection issued against True in March of this year? By another woman?!

A man with the same first, middle, and last name as True, as well as the same birthday, was named in a petition for an order of protection filed in True’s hometown in Missouri on March 15, 2024.

Due to Missouri privacy laws in regards to orders of protection, it has been difficult getting 100% confirmation that the person is True. In addition to the matching name, location and birth date, VINE links the order of protection filing to True’s prison record and custody status.

Love During Lockup Shonta and True

Who filed the order of protection?

According to a redacted copy of the full order of protection issued on April 15, the person who filed the petition is not Shonta. The petitioner appears to be a white woman in her 20s who is also from True’s hometown in Missouri.

The order for protection form indicates the petitioner’s relationship to the respondent is “past relationship/resided together.” The “Findings” section of the form reveals additional information:

This court finds that Respondent’s relationship to Petitioner is as follows:

Reside(d) together
Romantic/intimate social relationship

The order of protection will remain in effect until April 25, 2025. Below are some of the provisions of the order:

Respondent SHALL NOT COMMUNICATE with Petitioner, in any manner or through any medium. The use of third parties (including children) to communicate is strictly prohibited.

Respondent shall not commit or threaten to commit domestic violence, molesting, stalking, sexual assault, or disturbing the peace of Petitioner wherever Petitioner may be found.

Respondent shall not abuse or threaten to abuse Petitioner’s pet(s).

Respondent shall not harass, stalk or threaten Petitioner or engage in other conduct that would place Petitioner in reasonable fear of bodily injury to Petitioner.

Respondent shall not use, attempt to use, or threaten to use physical force against Petitioner that would reasonably cause bodily injury.


This court finds that, in order to ensure Petitioners safety, Respondent shall not enter onto the premises of Petitioner’s school, enter onto the premises of Petitioner’s place of employment, or come within 500 feet of Petitioner.

Is the petitioner the mother of True’s son?

Starcasm previously revealed that True has a son. Is the woman who filed for the order of protection the mother of True’s son?

The very short answer is “no.” The women do not have the same name. In addition, the mother of True’s son is currently living in Virginia.

The order of protection states “the parties have no unemancipated children in common.”

Are Shonta and True still together?

According to prison records, True was released from prison on December 13, 2023. That date lines up with the Missouri house featured on the show being rented out in October of 2023. (That’s right, Shonta’s house appears to have been rented, not purchased.)

Are Shonta and True still together after five months? Based on Shonta’s social media posts, the answer is yes!

The most recent post is a Facebook live video streamed by Shonta on March 24. In the video, Shonta and True can be seen together at a game night party at a residence. Here are a couple screen caps from the live stream:

Are Shonta and True from Love During Lockup still together?

During the stream, True laughs at Love During Lockup viewers who doubted that the couple would last. I will confess that I was one of the doubters!

Congratulations to Shonta and True on their happily (so far) ever after. To see how their relationship plays out after True’s release, including whether or not the woman who filed the order of protection makes an appearance, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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