SISTER WIVES Why Christine Brown didn’t let son Paedon move with his family to Flagstaff

One of the biggest contentions between Sister Wives Kody Brown and his second wife Janelle was over him wanting her adult children to move out. In fact, it was a catalyst in their “spiritual divorce,” as Janelle felt that she was made to choose her kids over Kody.

Some interesting tea has resurfaced implying that Christine Brown runs a totally different ship- kicking all her kids out at age 18, including problematic son Paedon who wasn’t even allowed to move with the family to Flagstaff from Las Vegas!

Sister Wives relocate to Flagstaff 

TLC has followed the polygamist Brown family since 2010 on the hit reality series Sister Wives. The show stars Kody Brown and his (3 now ex-) wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn to whom he is still married.

Over the course of 18 seasons the Browns moved 3 times… from their shared home in Lehi, Utah to a custom cul de sac in Las Vegas, Nevada and finally to Flagstaff, Arizona, where much of the family resides today.

SISTER WIVES All the places the Browns have lived since 1990

During the 2018 move to Flagstaff, Christine Brown’s son Paedon wasn’t working and wasn’t attending school. As a legal adult, she informed him he would not be going with them.

When do Sister Wives kids move out?

Fans will recall a huge blow out between Janelle and Kody Brown over her children living at home after the age of 18. While many of her kids became young adults during COVID-19 shut downs, Janelle felt that it was necessary for her family to stick together and quarantine as a family. When Kody found out her sons were dating, working, and not following CDC guidelines, a line was drawn in the sand. The couple never recovered, separating in 2022 after 30 years of “spiritual marriage.”

Some interesting tea is being discussed on Reddit now implying that Christine Brown has fundamentally different views on parenting from Janelle and happily kicks all her kids out at age 18. This must’ve been the one topic Kody agreed with Christine on!

Peadon kicked out?
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Yes! Sister Wives Paedon Brown has said on several podcasts that his mother did not let him move with them to Flagstaff, forcing him to get a job and start supporting himself. 

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Paedon alleges Christine does this for all of his siblings, except some exceptions are made for Gwendlyn and Truely, who are reportedly on the Autism spectrum.

Christine is now living with her new husband David Woolley back in Utah. Paedon also resides in Salt Lake City… but definitely not with his mother. Paedon has had some issues with David, saying that they will never get along and that’s “perfectly fine.”

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