WORTHY UP Why is Meri Brown charging people $600 for a membership?

Sister Wives‘ Meri Brown has promised to tell her story many times in the past, so many viewers were expecting a book.

No book yet, but Meri has launched a membership program called “Worthy Up” where she says she’s going to tell her story and inspire others to find their own worth.

Meri’s worth seems quite high, a little too high according to many fans of the reality show. The packages range from $150-$600. These are not prices for a full year, but instead for what remains of 2024.

Meri Brown Worthy Up

What are you getting for your money with Worthy Up?

$150 tier: access to Worthy Up FB group, a printable pdf WOW workbook, and first to know about events and merch launches.

$300 tier: Everything above, plus one interactive virtual live discussion/Q&A per month, and WU (Worthy Up) Merch package that includes an autographed mug, hat, journal, sticky notes, and pen

$600: For double the mid-tier, you can get all of the above, plus a $20 discount on 2024 Worthy Up events, a 20% discount on 2025 membership renewal, and a surprise gift from Meri.

Along with exclusive access to herself (and other things for her to sell you) Meri also seems to be selling her story. Meri proclaims that she will “no longer be silent,” in her launch video. She promises to tell a “more full truth” about herself than what has been shown on the Sister Wives reality show.

Meri addresses that while she’s had a good life, she’s had a lot of tough times too, and knows how it feels to be lonely and isolated. Her target audience appears to be other women who can relate to these tough times.

Meri’s not a counselor of any sorts, but what she seems to be offering is a fuller access to herself for a price.

Meri has updated with a new post that seems to be indirectly addressing the backlash she’s gotten over her new membership program. “You are worthy of not believing the lie that people on social media try to feed you when it comes to your goals and passions. Just because their voices are louder doesn’t mean they’re valid,” Meri states in a caption next to some flowers.

People really just want a book, though, Meri! Or maybe a podcast.

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