PLATHVILLE Lydia Plath is moving out of state, Moriah Plath goes brunette

Lydia Plath is moving to Florida, Moriah Plath is brunette

Welcome To Plathville sibling (and full-time babysitter) Lydia Plath shocked her Instagram followers today by announcing her plans to move out of state!

“Good morning everyone,” Lydia began her Instagram story clip. “I have my coffee and big news.”

“I’m gonna be packing today, but not packing for another trip,” Lydia continued. “I am moving next week to Tallahassee.”

Lydia Plath is moving to Florida

That’s right! Lydia Plath is leaving Georgia behind and moving to Tallahassee, Florida!

As shocked as Welcome To Plathville fans may be about the announcement, Lydia may be even more surprised! “Just trying to process it,” she said. “I’ve done a ton of traveling, so I’ve been away from the home a lot, but this is the first time I’ve actually moved out.”

Some of the traveling Lydia is referring to is her mission trip last year with The Jesus Journey.

Getting back to Lydia’s upcoming move to Florida, she revealed that she has already taken care of a lot of the responsibilities that go along with living on your own. “Got my own groceries, paid my own rent,” she said, “all that fun stuff.”

She concluded the clip by affirming her move “starts next week.”

It’s unclear what the situation will be like at the Plath family home in terms of who will be taking care of Lydia’s younger siblings. As Welcome To Plathville viewers are well aware, Lydia has handled A LOT of the load in terms of childcare over the years.

I assume Lydia’s extended road trip forced her parents Barry and Kim to come up with some sort of arrangement, which means they should be somewhat prepared for Lydia’s move to Tallahassee.

Moriah Plath with dark hair

Moriah Plath is no longer blonde

In slightly less shocking Welcome To Plathville news, Lydia’s older sister Moriah Plath revealed her new brunette look on Instagram this week.

The darker hair replace Moriah’s trademark lighter locks, which have ranged from platinum blonde to brown and blonde. We put together some of her different hairstyles over the years and shared them on Instagram:

Prior to her new look reveal, Moriah surprised her fans in another way — a live performance!

Level 11 Rooftop Bar in St. Pete Beach, Florida announced Moriah’s live performance on Instagram with just two days notice:

Join us for a special one-night concert on Wednesday, May 22nd, at Level 11 Rooftop Bar with Moriah Plath performing songs from her new album, along with special guests. The evening promises to be a night full of great performances and fun. This special event starts at 6 PM.

The bar’s post mentions “special guests,” and later revealed that those special guests included Moriah’s sisters AND a “production team.”

Welcome To Plathville Moriah Plath performing live with her sisters

I’m assuming the production team was a TLC camera crew and fans will be able to see some of the performance on the new season of Welcome To Plathville? Stay tuned!

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