UNEXPECTED Is Jenna Ronan still with JJ? Is she back with Aden?!

TLC Unexpected Is Jenna Ronan back with Aden? Is Jenna still with JJ Della?

On last week’s episode of Unexpected, viewers FINALLY met Jenna Ronan‘s new man, JJ Della.

Jenna revealed on the show that she and JJ were childhood friends before he and his family relocated to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After Jenna and Luca’s dad Aden broke up, she and JJ reconnected. Jenna was taking frequent trips to Myrtle Beach, and the relationship got more serious.

Jenna Ronan pregnant with 2nd child

Jenna and son Luca eventually moved to Myrtle Beach. Then, in April of 2023, Jenna announced she was pregnant with her second child!

The pregnancy announcement was followed by an engagement announcement just a few weeks later.

Despite having a baby on the way, Jenna and JJ didn’t rush a shotgun wedding. The two were still engaged when Jenna gave birth to son James in November of 2023.

Jenna Ronan and JJ break up

Jenna and JJ didn’t seem to have a rocky relationship based on their social media posts. However, followers were reading between the lines due to how often Jenna would delete all of her photos of JJ, then add them back shortly after.

The followers were right about Jenna and JJ having some issues, which was revealed after the two officially broke up in February.

As you might expect given Jenna’s VERY acrimonious split from Aden, her break up with JJ was not without fireworks.

After deleting all photos of JJ from her Instagram feed, Jenna posted a photo of him with another young woman that looked to have been taken from his Snapchat account. β€œFather of 2 with a stripper,” Jenna wrote over top of the image.

The photo was shared by @thetlcunexpected on Instagram, and JJ Della showed up in the comments to defend himself.

β€œJenna threw my engagement ring at me a week ago and left for Pennsylvania bc she didn’t get her own way per usual same thing she does with me and her dad,” JJ wrote in part.

After that, things REALLY went off the rails! [Stay tuned, we are currently working on a full recap of the Jenna Ronan and JJ split drama!]

Jenna even seemed to suggest that she was moving back to Pennsylvania. “I hope you are somewhere where your dad or mom are to help you,” one of Jenna’s social media followers commented after the split announcement in February.

“Yes I am,” Jenna responded. “Both the kids and I are back home with my family and my dad is helping us get into our own home and everything is situated.”

Jenna then posted (and later deleted) a fun TikTok video… WITH ADEN?!

Are Jenna Ronan and JJ Della still together?

Are Jenna Ronan and JJ back together?

Despite seemingly burning their relationship to the ground, it appears Jenna and JJ were able to bury the hatchet.

Jenna posted a TikTok video on May 26 in which she and JJ are playing around together in a swimming pool — albeit quite roughly:

@jronan101 #rko ♬ lush life – ‍r7ptor

JJ has posted multiple photo galleries on Instagram with his son James and Luca. Here’s one example from earlier this month:

Neither Jenna nor JJ have made any sort of announcement about being back together. Also, neither have made any changes to their social media bios to reflect they are together, or even not single.

However, it does appear that Jenna is still living in or near Myrtle Beach.

We will continue to keep an eye on Jenna and JJ, and we’ll be sure to update if there is any sort of major development! Until then, you can get to know JJ a little better by watching the YouTube video below! It was shared by the couple just before their epic break up in February:

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