LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Chelsea’s fiancé Mikey arrested for DV in Ohio

Love During Lockup and Love After Lockup star Love After Lockup Chelsea Gilliam's fiancé Michael "Mikey" Harmon was arrested for domestic violence

We have an unfortunate update for Love After Lockup fans. Love During Lockup Season 2 and Love After Lockup Season 8 star Michael “Mikey” Harmon is back behind bars in Ohio on a domestic violence charge.

Viewers will remember Mikey as the fiancé of Cruella-haired Chelsea Gilliam, the show’s first deaf cast member.

Mikey arrest details

According to jail records, Mikey was arrested at 8:30PM on Sunday. He was initially booked on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

The domestic violence charge has an associated court case number, but there is not additional information available via online search.

In addition to the domestic violence charge, Mikey is also charged with a parole violation. According to Kentucky Department of Corrections records, Mikey is on parole until December of 2027.

Since his arrest, Mikey’s domestic violence charge status and disposition have been changed to “released by court.” It’s unclear if that means the charge has been dismissed or if Mikey has been released to return to Kentucky State Prison due to the parole violation.

The charge status for the parole issue states Mikey is being held for another agency. There is no bond listed.

UPDATE – Mikey was released on June 11. Click here for more details, including information from the criminal complaint as well as another update from Chelsea.

Love After Lockup Chelsea Gilliam and Michael “Mikey” Harmon

Chelsea recapped Mikey’s alleged attack on Facebook

According To Amber shared a YouTube video about Mikey’s arrest (embedded below) that features all sorts of cheating allegations and receipts.

The video also includes a partial recap of a Facebook live stream by Chelsea in which she reportedly talked about the incident that resulted in Mikey’s arrest. (Actually, Chelsea didn’t “talk” about the incident, she signed about the incident. And that is the reason Amber doesn’t have a full recap.)

Based on Amber’s recap, Chelsea claims she was outside with Michael when things got heated between them. It’s unclear why they were arguing.

“[Chelsea] claims that he allegedly got very upset,” Amber says. “He ended up grabbing her by her throat, shaking her, grabbing her by her boob taking her weed and throwing it and spilling it everywhere.” (Amber previously pointed out that Chelsea had medical medical marijuana in her hand when the dispute started.)

Chelsea reportedly called the police, and that was why he was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Below is the full video from According to Amber that has all of the screen capped cheating text receipts and more:

Mikey joins his Love During Lockup Season 2 co-star Dustin Phillips as the only inmates from that season to be arrested again. Of course, that is partly due to the fact that Dauri and “Hottie” still haven’t been released.

To get all caught up on all the inmates from Love During Lockup Season 2, check out our handy dandy inmate chart:

Love During Lockup S2 inmate chart: Who’s been released from prison, who hasn’t

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