90 DAY FIANCE: How Kyle Gordy finds the women he donates his sperm to

Kyle Gordy is causing a stir on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise as a serial “natural” sperm donator. While filming the show, Kyle says he has fathered 70 children and has 9 more on the way.

Of course, this “hobby” causes tension with his first girlfriend ever, Ani Philipp.

During this week’s episode, they had a confrontation over the fact that Kyle does sperm donation the “natural way” instead of donating to sperm banks. His whole lifestyle is traveling around the world

How does Kyle Gordy find women to donate to?

Instead of going through a third party source, Kyle operates in a “DIY” fashion and appears to scout his participants via social media, where he very blatantly advertises that he’s a sperm donor. Even his Facebook name is “Kyle Gordy: Sperm donor.”

Kyle also runs a website called Be Pregnant Now (by Kyle Gordy,) where he publishes a few informational articles about fertility and shares his contact information.

Almost a year ago, in June 2023, Kyle was featured in and independent.co.uk article where he announced his retirement from sperm donating in order to find love. At the time he only had 65 biological children walking this earth. He’s since impregnated even more women.

Last year one of the women he naturally inseminated shared her story on YouTube. She met Kyle via a Facebook Group he ran that matched prospective women up with donors.

The woman calls her experience with Kyle “traumatic,” and says he led her on to believe that he would establish a long-term relationship with her before ditching her after she conceived.

The woman had a child already, but wanted another one. She truly wanted a longterm relationship, but felt her time was running out to have children because she was approaching 40.

According to her, she decided that she wanted to know her donor instead of going through a sperm bank.

Kyle sent her pictures of some of his other kids, and even reportedly promised her that he would maintain a connection with her child with him and have them connect with their siblings.

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