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Was the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion canceled?

With multiple firings and even a mid-season captain swap, the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion was setting up to be a dramatic fireworks show! However, a new post by former stew Alissa Humber suggests that there will be no fireworks at all because Bravo may have canceled the Reunion.

Keep reading for that post from Alissa, as well as her previous posts suggesting that Captain Sandy treated her different than other crew members because of the color of her skin.

BELOW DECK Is Captain Sandy being too hard on Fraser? Full drama recap, including social media!

The tensions are running high on Below Deck Season 10 as Captain Sandra Yawn’s patience is wearing thin with her chief stew, Fraser Olender. The drama is not only playing out on screen, it has also spilled out onto social media!

Keep reading for a full recap of the recent drama on the show, followed by the recent responses on social media.

Meet new Below Deck Season 10 stew Leigh-Ann Smith

In a preview for the rest of Below Deck Season 2, we can see two new faces among the M/Y St. David crew. Keep reading to find out more about Leigh-Ann, a hottie yachtie originally from Cape Town, South Africa who apparently has a history with deckhand Ben Willoughby! Plus, we found a connection between Leigh-Ann and a famous cast member from another Below Deck show!

BELOW DECK Camille Lamb on firing: Felt like a ‘set up’ but ‘I am ok with that’

On this week’s episode of Below Deck, stew Camille Lamb continued to clash with fellow stew Alissa Humber. Making matters worse for Camille, she was caught drinking on the job in between charters by her boss, chief stew Fraser Olender.

That was the last straw for Fraser as he met with Captain Sandy Yawn to let her know that he would like to let Camille go. Captain Sandy supported (and even commended) Fraser’s decision, and at the end of the episode we see Captain Sandy letting Camille know she was fired.

However, Camille took to social media after the episode aired and argued that things didn’t really happen exactly the way they were shown on screen.

BELOW DECK spoiler! Does Camille Lamb get fired or not?

Below Deck stew Camille Lamb has been anything but a good fit with the crew of M/Y St. David this season. Multiple crew mates have criticized her for having a bad attitude and poor work ethic, and the tensions with fellow stew Alissa Humber continue to rise.

Will Camille be able to right the ship and finish out the charter season? Or will Captain Sandy be forced to make her walk the termination plank? Keep reading to find out!

BELOW DECK Camille Lamb responds to Alissa drama, her own attitude, and St. Lucia beach quality in Q&A

Below Deck Season 10 deck stew Camille Lamb has been a lightening rod for controversy this season — both on screen and off. Soon after this week’s episode aired, the 24-year-old former American Idol contestant took to Instagram for a question and answer session with her fans in which she tackled a lot of the Below Deck drama, as well as the yachting industry in general.