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A Guide to Moriah Plath’s Tattoos: How many does she have?

Since 21-year-old Moriah Plath was kicked out of her family home when she was still a minor, she’s gotten several tattoos, and plans to get many more. Tonight’s episode of Welcome to Plathville showcases Moriah getting inked with the word “Rebel” on her forearm because she feels like that word defines who she is. She’s since added several more.

Moriah Plath lost her hair as a child, made fun of by siblings and at church

Welcome To Plathville daughter Moriah Plath was a bit of a black sheep in the Plath family. There has always seemed to be a bit of a distance between her and her siblings, and Moriah’s rebellious nature (and clothing choices) only amplified that distance.

In a preview clip for tonight’s episode of Welcome To Plathville, Moriah opens up with her dad, Barry Plath, about where her feelings of alienation originated — which was when she lost all of her hair for a period of years while a child.

PLATHVILLE Moriah thinks Olivia lied, Barry thinks she brainwashed Ethan

The Welcome to Plathville doesn’t seem to be short on drama for its upcoming Season 5. Since Season 4 aired, matriarch Kim Plath got a DUI, Barry Plath got ripped, Olivia Plath’s brother died, Olivia and Ethan moved to Minnesota, and they are now getting divorced.

Now that Olivia and Ethan are no longer together, Ethan’s family is grappling with the aftermath of this ill-fated young marriage that caused a great deal of turmoil in the family. In a new preview clip shared with People, Ethan’s family takes inventory of Olivia’s actions.

PLATHVILLE Kim Plath is seen dancing with a new man

Kim Plath of Welcome to Plathville has been spotted dancing with a new man. This season on the show Kim announced that she was leaving her husband of almost 25-years, Barry Plath and started going to the gym, drinking, and doing other activities that were banned in their fundamentalist Christian household for the past two decades. Barry Plath has also been hitting the gym lately.

PLATHVILLE Barry Plath shows off new muscles

Matriarch Kim Plath shocked everyone at the beginning of Welcome to Plathville Season 4 with her sudden change in behavior. She was dancing to hip hop, going to the gym regularly, and even opened her own dance studio. She also announced that she was leaving Barry, her husband of almost 25 years. Now, it looks like Barry has also been hitting the gym pretty hard as the famous family evolves and restructures.

PLATHVILLE Is Lydia living with Barry now?

Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath is staying out of the family’s main home because she finds it hard to live in the same house as Barry. Lydia confronted her about the fact that the three youngest daughters still need their mother in the house. In many ways, Lydia, who is a grown adult with a full-time job, has picked up a lot of the mother role in the house. Now that the family is discussing the fact that dad Barry will soon move out of the family’s main home, Lydia is considering moving in with him instead of staying with mom Kim and the younger siblings.