How much plastic surgery has Lisa Rinna had? Dr. Jen Armstrong weighs in

“She’s had lots of plastic surgery.”

Former #RHOC cast member Dr. Jen Armstrong (a cosmetic dermatologist) has posted a deep dive review of former #RHBH cast member Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery on her Instagram page.

Here are some of the highlights of her commentary:

“She’s had lots of plastic surgery. The overall look is very soft in the beginning to very shiny and plastic like in the after, the mannequin kind of skin.” – Dr. Jen.

Jen says that Lisa’s skin may look like that because she’s gotten too much of the older version of CO2 treatment, which can eliminate the elastin in the skin.

Jen thinks Lisa has had multiple rhinoplasties and says her nose is like “skin on cartilage” now.

Jen recommends only 1-2 rhinoplasties in a lifetime.

She notes that Lisa has had a “ton of filler” or fat transfer in her face. Jennifer thinks it’s likely to be fat transfer, but if it’s filler, she later recommends taking it out.

She also thinks that maybe she took some volume out of her lower face while overfilling her upper face.

Jen also sees filler in Lisa’s chin.

Lisa filled her lips with silicone years ago, which was her signature look. However, silicone doesn’t dissolve like lip filler available today and can cause scar tissue.

Dr. Jen says she treats the scar tissue frequently in her office.

Jennifer says she would “fix” Lisa’s face by removing her face filler if possible. If it’s fat transfer, it can’t be removed.

She would do deep microneedling to help bring back her collagen and elastin.

Jennifer says that even though Lisa has had scar tissue removed, it looks like she has done more work on her life. She says she would work on the scar tissue “and see where we land afterwards.”


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