Bravo’s Summer House cast birthdays and zodiac signs

What are the birthdays and zodiac signs of the cast of Summer House? What Would Jesse Soloman Do… because of his moon sign? Are West Wilson and Ciara Miller compatible in the stars?

Answer all your celestial Summer House questions below…

Summer House zodiac 

Paige DeSorbo 

Paige DeSorbo is the star and ultimate it-girl of Summer House. Host of the successful podcast Giggly Squad with Hannah Berner and a thriving Amazon Live channel, her career has been featured in the New York Times. (“And rightfully so.”)

Birthday: November 6, 1992
Age: 31
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius Rising

As a Scorpio Sun, Paige is independent (maybe that’s why she hasn’t married Craig Conover yet!) but because of it she is also very loyal.

The Scorpion is one of the most mysterious creatures of the zodiac, so DeSorbo is likely plotting her fairytale in private. Aquarius Risings are also inward learners, which means she could care less about your opinion of it.

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula

Kyle Cooke is an OG of Summer House since season one, and Amanda Batula joined not too long after as his girlfriend and now wife. The two are owners of the alcohol brand Loverboy, and despite their constant fighting about it, are actually the most financially successful on the cast.

Kyle (August Leo)

Birthday: August 4, 1982
Age: 41
Generation: Millennial*
Zodiac: Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising

Kyle is the oldest member of the Summer House and is *barely a Millennial. Most sources say that Gen-X runs until 1980.

Amanda (July Leo)

Birthday: July 24, 1991
Age: 32
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising

Amanda Batula is 32, putting her nearly a decade in age behind her husband Kyle Cooke. This gap may explain why Cooke is fixated on Batula working while Amanda is still looking for her “passion.”

The couple are both Leo Suns, so its no surprise these show-boat signs both star on Reality TV. Amanda does have the workaholic Capricorn predominantly in her chart, she just needs to find where to channel it (PS- we are Team Swimsuits!)

Danielle Olivera

There are several Capricorns (the best sign! no author bias here!) on the cast of Summer House and Danielle is the most obvious – as a self-proclaimed “founder and CEO,” Olivera is a boss… borderline bossy… biotch!

Birthday: December 22, 1988
Age: 35
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Taurus Rising

Danielle Olivera and Kyle Cooke are both Taurus Rising, which may explain their deep bond highlighted in Season 8 when she took his side over Amanda’s during several fights. Taurus is a grounded Earth sign (as is Capricorn) so however misguided, Danielle seems to air on the side of business every time.

SUMMER HOUSE What company is Danielle Olivera a founder and CEO of?

Olivera’s Gemini Moon also implies she may struggle with anxiety and feelings of inadequacy – does Danielle have imposter syndrome and that’s the real reason she brags about her job title?

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

Carl Radke

Birthday: January 27, 1985
Age: 39
Generation: Millennial*
Zodiac: Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Gemini Rising

With Gemini in his chart it’s really no surprise Carl Radke has a tough time making decisions. One of the leading factors of the dissolution of his relationship with Lindsay Hubbard was his inability to choose a career, “flip flopping” between multiple ideas.

*For reference, at 39, Carl is the second oldest on Summer House.

Lindsay Hubbard

Birthday: August 11, 1986
Age: 35
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Rising

Lindsay Hubbard, founder of Hubb House (a public relations firm currently on pause), is the next most obvious Leo in the bunch. Putting money and career over being “soft” and loving, this Lion has no patience for Carl’s chilled out Water Sign personality.

Due to their zodiac charts, its possible this couple was doomed from the beginning. Hubbard is very fiery as a double Fire Sign while Carl has his head in the clouds with 2 of his Big 3 being Air Signs.

Gabby Prescod

Gabby Prescod is a newcomer to the group and bonds the most with Leo Lindsay Hubbard. The two often support each other on the Summer House After Show. Taurus-Leo friendships can form quickly because both of them are reliable and can count on each other. The pair can commit for a lifetime!

Birthday: May 8, 1990
Age: 34
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising

Often butting heads with Danielle Olivera (the two even share an ex!), the Taurus-Capricorn thing isn’t as failsafe… the bull and the goat are both very stubborn creatures! It makes sense then that the castmates also disagree on dating culture. Scorpio Moon’s experience emotions with great depth, so being thirsty for a hookup may just not be Gabby’s thing.

Ciara Miller and West Wilson

Ciara Miller

Birthday: December 24, 1995
Age: 28
Generation: Millennial*
Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising

Ciara Miller is not only a model and a nurse, she’s also the youngest in the Summer House. This (double) Capricorn queen is technically a Millennial, but is as close to Gen-Z as Kyle is to Gen-X (only 2 years off!)

Her mountain goat work ethic is obvious, recently signing major deals with both Victoria Secret and Express. As far as younger Bravo fans are concerned, Ciara is definitely giving Gen-Z vibes.

West Wilson

Birthday: December 30, 1994
Age: 29
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon, ?? Rising

West Wilson and Ciara Miller are both Capricorns which means they could be a great match once they are on the same team. Ciara’s icy personality isn’t a sign that she doesn’t like West… in fact, for a Cap it could mean the opposite. However, with West’s Sag Moon, his tendency for natural curiosity could cause a wandering eye (or stray sext-message)…

SUMMER HOUSE Is West Wilson sexy?

Interestingly, West is the only one in the Summer House who doesn’t know what time he was born, so his Rising sign remains a mystery.

Come on Mama Wilson, fans need to know!

Jesse Solomon

Last but certainly not least (and actually, maybe first!?) Jesse Solomon rounds out the cast of Summer House as its newest newcomer. Fans are starting to give Jesse Solomon a second look after going all-in on West earlier in the season. 

Birthday: May 28, 1993
Age: 31
Generation: Millennial
Zodiac: Gemini Sun, Leo Moon, Aquarius Rising

Jesse Solomon is a Gemini, can you believe it? (L O freaking L) Yes, the part F-boy part cancer survivor just can’t be pinned down (and maybe it’s better this way.) His Leo Moon means that he’s bold and brave, so we know that he is definitely a fighter.

Will Jesse Solomon return to Summer House? We hope the scale tips in favor of yes! At 31 he is one of the younger cast members, helping usher in a new generation without the show having to do a full reboot.

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