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SISTER WIVES Why Christine Brown didn’t let son Paedon move with his family to Flagstaff

One of the biggest contentions between Sister Wives Kody Brown and his second wife Janelle was over him wanting her adult children to move out.

Some interesting tea has resurfaced implying that Christine Brown runs a totally different ship- kicking all her kids out at age 18, including problematic son Paedon…

SISTER WIVES Mykelti: Meri was emotionally abusive to all the kids, but she got the “brunt of it”

A couple of weeks ago Paedon Brown implied in an interview that Sister Wives‘s Meri Brown had been abusive towards the children. He did not use the word abuse, but responded to a comment about abuse and changed the word to “abrasive.” He also stated that Meri’s abrasiveness went “far past verbal.” Now, Paedon’s sister Mykelti has made a statement about how Meri Brown treated her as a child.

SISTER WIVES Gwen says Paedon is the “most awful person” she’s ever known

Paedon Brown recently gave an explosive 3-hour interview in which he discussed all aspects of his family and implied that Meri Brown was abusive towards the kids. He also mentioned the fact that his sister Gwendlyn Brown, who does Sister Wives commentary on Patreon and Youtube doesn’t speak to him because she thinks he’s a bad person. Gwendlyn has responded by calling him “the most awful person” she’s had the “displeasure of knowing.”

SISTER WIVES Paedon Brown is a bouncer at a strip club in Utah

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown participated in a live, three-hour interview on Wednesday and basically revealed an entire season’s worth of behind-the-scenes tea on the Brown family! The 24-year-old son of Kody Brown and Christine Brown also shared some details about himself, including his very surprising current occupation! Plus, Paedon reacts to the “love of his life” expressing interest in polyamory!

SISTER WIVES Paedon Brown on Robyn: “Dad found his soulmate”

23-year-old Paedon Brown is speaking out in multiple interviews about his parents’ divorce. He has a fantastic relationship with his mom Christine, who now lives in the same state he lives in, but feels more distant from his dad Kody. However, he doesn’t judge Kody for choosing to spend his life with Robyn, who Peadon views as Kody’s soulmate.