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DLISTEDReal Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is many things: former Hot Slut of the Day, socialite, philanthropist, entrepreneur, international lifestyle brand, homeowner, toaster oven peddler, historian, intern-mentor, “caburlesque” performer, and, of course, the straw that stirs the drink. Now you can add “magician” to Ms. Morgan’s list of descriptors, cuz last night on RHONY Sonja achieved the impossible. She downed a glass of red wine through her face mask without spilling a drop.

THE GRACE REPORT – VIDEO Disgraced Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is suing her co-star Briana Dejesus and roping The Grace Report into her “Karen-ass lawsuit!” Grace breaks down the lawsuit and shakes her damn head at being included in the pettiness.

CELEBITCHYThere’s currently a controversy over whether Subway’s tuna has actual tuna in it. Earlier this year they were sued in California because their tuna subs allegedly don’t contain real tuna or even fish. Then the NY Times ran an investigation in which they sent Subway’s tuna to a lab which found “no amplifiable tuna DNA” in the samples they were sent. Now Inside Edition has “hired their own lab which is experienced in testing fish DNA.” So what was their findings? Do Subway tuna sandwiches have any actual tuna in them?

TAMRA TATTLESThe Real Housewives of Atlanta casting tea factory continues to flow! In her latest installment of who’s in and who’s out (and who’s working on a spin-off), Tamara Tattles shares the latest casting updates — including one cast member reportedly on the outs after some comments made in response to Lil Nas X and his performance on the BET Awards!

THE BLEMISHAre you still baffled as to how in the world Bill Cosby was able to get out of prison and have his rape conviction overturned? It’s not because there was evidence that he was innocent. It was quite the opposite. It was because there was evidence from Bill Cosby’s own mouth that he was guilty, which was used in court but shouldn’t have been. The Blemish has a full breakdown for you — including an unpopular argument that tossing the conviction was the right thing for the court to do.

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIt’s the news everyone (except perhaps Nicole Nafziger) saw coming… The 90 Day Fiance star announced on Monday that she has split with her longtime Moroccan fiancé, Azan Tefou after five years (sort of) together. For years, Nicole’s followers and fans of the show have questioned Nicole’s claims that she and Azan were still together; however this marks the first time Nicole has confirmed the split.

REALITY TEAThe Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Braunwyn Windham-Burke was almost certainly guaranteed another season to test the boundaries of traditional marriage and fight with everyone. In her quest to have 19 storylines at once, the facade cracked and Bravo pulled the plug because, liability. It’s one thing to have someone going to AA meetings on the show, but it’s quite another to have them detox on camera. So Braunwyn was let go and the facade went ahead and fell apart. If cameras aren’t following you, are you really married? For Braunwyn and Sean, the answer appears to be no.

TV SHOWS ACEMatt Roloff is turning Amy’s wedding venue into a construction zone! When Amy Roloff couldn’t find a wedding venue, her ex-husband offered up the family farm. The LPBW matriarch grudgingly accepted Matt’s offer, but is he secretly trying to ruin her wedding? Will Matt Roloff’s new construction project be done in time for Amy and Chris Marek to tie the knot at the wedding?

REALITEASQUADVIDEO Love After Lockup‘s Shane Whitlow was arrested in May for animal cruelty, and his wife Lacey hasn’t offered up much publicly in his defense. The same can’t said for Shane’s cousin, who recently spoke out in defense of Shane while also making claims about Lacey.


Marrying Millions’ Bill Hutchinson charged with rape of 16-yr-old in California, warrant issued

The criminal charges continue to mount for Marrying Millions star Bill Hutchinson. Three days after the 63-year-old real estate mogul was arrested in Texas for the alleged sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl living in his home, multiple charges were filed against Bill in California, including the felony rape of a 16-year-old girl.

YOU, ME AND MY EX Alex announces he’s demisexual as family and friends think he’s too gay to marry a woman

Alex on TLC’s You, Me and My Ex is getting lots of pushback from his friends, family, and his partner’s family for dating and wanting to marry a woman. He’s still extremely close to Stephen, the ex who broke his heart and still has unresolved feelings over the heartbreak Stephen caused him. Alex says Stephen could never be there for him emotionally, and he has found the love he’s always yearned for in Caroline. So many people around him don’t believe that he can be happy with a woman, and will need to be with a man eventually.


YOU, ME & MY EX April Kirk and Loren Kirk share a bathtub together after April married Loren’s husband

April Kirk and Loren Kirk from TLC’s You, Me and My Ex used to be next-door neighbors while both of their marriages were falling apart. Now, April is married to Loren’s ex-husband John and Loren lives down the street with her friend Heather (and April’s ex Roy also still lives in the neighborhood and remains good friends with April.)