90 DAY FIANCÉ: Why DIY sperm donor Kyle Gordy once got detained in Fiji

In 2022, Kyle Gordy, a serial sperm donor featured on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, was detained at the airport in Fiji on the way to New Zealand to go on an impregnation tour with fellow serial sperm donator Adam Hooper.

The pals planned to travel in a motorhome during a two-month spam Adam dubbed “Lord of the Donors: A Journey to Middle Earth.”

90 Day Fiancé Sophie’s mom Claire Cheshire arrest report details

We’ve obtained the arrest report and the incident report from the arrest of Claire Cheshire on Friday for terroristic threat of a family or household member. The reports back up claims made by acquaintances of Claire’s daughter Sophie and son-in-law Rob that Claire recently threatened to take her own life.

Keep reading for all the exclusive details from the reports, as well as a recap of Claire’s Instagram videos and the claims that she not only threatened her own life, but Sophie’s as well!

Caroline Konstnar: Faked pregnancy to promote Patreon

Online influencers often have a precarious road to tread when it comes to parasocial relationships. In this instance, YouTuber Caroline Konstnar played a prank on her audience with the end goal of promoting her Patreon.

Her defenders claim that she was just poking fun at parasocial relationships, but her detractors are offended that she played with the emotions of so many people who have dealt with real tragedy and fertility hardships.

Maybe her experiment revealed more about parasocial relationships than she intended.