UNEXPECTED Lilly’s husband Lawrence wins 1st MMA bout VIDEO PHOTOS

TLC Unexpected dad Lawrence Bishop MMA fight

Congratulations are in order for Unexpected dad Lawrence Bishop as he just had his first MMA bout — and won!

Lilly Bennett‘s husband was the “co-main fight” at the “Cage Heat” event held in Hauppauge, NY on June 1. Lawrence was fighting Adilet Chamashov in the middleweight class in his first bout, and he won by decision.

Lawrence and Lilly posted numerous photos and videos from before, during and after the bout. “Battle tested,” Lawrence wrote in the caption to his Instagram gallery (embedded below). “This is just the beginning of a bright future.”

Here’s Lawrence’s gallery, followed by the rest of his caption — including his HUGE thank you to Lilly for her support:

I want to give a huge shoutout to my coaches @coachmoises_ @unitedtribez for being super supportive and knowledgeable and working with me daily through early mornings and late nights in the gym.

Also want to give a shout out to @tommybottone @1andonlyleaf @s.t.f.__ for helping me through this fight camp as well.

Last but not least thank you to the beautiful mother of my kids @lillyjbennett for supporting me mentally, emotionally and physically, waking up every morning to cook me my healthy meals and for loving me. ❤️ Will be back soon #1-0

“I love you so much, so proud of you always,” Lilly responded in the comments. “So lucky to be here by your side ❤🙌.”

Lilly Bennett congratulates Lawrence on MMA win

Lilly also posted a gallery of Instagram videos, but she kept her caption short and let Lawrence’s fighting skills do all the talking.

“Congratulations my baby @gloxks 🏆,” Lilly wrote.

Here is Lilly’s gallery, in which you can CLEARLY hear that she is FAR AND AWAY Lawrence’s biggest fan!

UPDATE – Lilly added the following message in a caption accompanying another Instagram clip of Lawrence in the cage:

Truth is I never I wanted my husband to fight! I was always supportive of his dreams, he’s so dedicated. I was also sick to my stomach all day leading up to the fight. It’s just not my thing. But little did I know the moment he got in the cage I would turn into the biggest fan 😂. Congratulations again baby, you really did your thing and I love watching you chase your dreams 🥰🏆✨

Congratulations again to Lawrence on his big win! We look forward to following his MMA career!

It’s unclear if Lawrence’s foray into MMA will be featured on the new season of Unexpected. Producers have been filming the new season for almost two years, so I would assume their story line will end before the bout.

However, we may get to see Lawrence making the decision to try MMA, and how that decision impacted his relationship with Lilly. To find out if that’s the case, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Unexpected airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

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