Not one Duggar child wished Jim Bob Happy Father’s Day

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Jim Bob Duggar has pulled the strings of his supersized 19 Kids and Counting family for over 3 decades. For the first time ever, not one of his children publicly acknowledged him on Father’s Day.

Is this just another sign Jim Bob’s reign over his kids is over?

The reign of Jim Bob Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar is the patriarch of the family that starred on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. The conservative fundamentalist Christians followed the very strict Institute in Basic Life Principles which reenforces gender roles, heteronormative relationships, and reproducing for as long as God allows.

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While several in the family have cut ties with the IBLP, the reverse is also true… turns out the Gothard-led super-cult thinks the Duggars are just as much a liability to them. (Eldest Duggar son Josh is currently in prison for 12 years.)

For over 10 seasons of their reality programs fans watched as Jim Bob dictated several things about his children (mainly his daughters.) Forcing them to be homeschooled, wear skirts/modest clothing, and not participate in really anything secular, it seems (most of) the Duggar kids are considered “rebels” now as they have completely stopped following these rules.

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After a slew of juicy tell-alls and travelling without chaperones (nevermind Jana wears shorts now!) it is clear that Jim Bob Duggar doesn’t have the reign he once did. Is this why not ONE of his kids acknowledged him on social media for Father’s Day?

Duggar Father’s Day

For the first time that we know of, not a single Duggar child acknowledged Jim Bob on Father’s Day. Last year his social media love was dwindling when only James Duggar wished his dad a good day, with, albeit a snarky post aimed mostly at his sisters.

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While it is true that many of the 19 Kids and Counting stars have stepped back from the spotlight following the family’s legal issues, several, like Jill Dillard, Joy Anna Forsyth and Jinger Vuolo, are more active than ever, attempting to build influencer brands on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

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The Duggar kid’s lack of posts about their father definitely speaks volumes in itself. For a family that once was so loyal they’d sign their life away to Jim Bob, it looks like the Duggar King may have finally lost his power.

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