90 DAY FIANCÉ: Why DIY sperm donor Kyle Gordy once got detained in Fiji

In 2022, Kyle Gordy, a serial sperm donor featured on 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, was detained at the airport in Fiji on the way to New Zealand to go on an impregnation tour with fellow serial sperm donator Adam Hooper.

The pals planned to travel in a motorhome during a two-month spam Adam dubbed “Lord of the Donors: A Journey to Middle Earth.”

Kyle’s trip to New Zealand was cut short at the Fiji airport, where they stopped to question why he was going to New Zealand. First he told them he was traveling to see the sites, but when they asked for more information he gave them Adam Hooper’s name, as well as one of the women he was traveling to inseminate, but didn’t tell immigration services why he was going to see her.

He had, however, hyped up his trip in the media beforehand, so authorities knew to expect him.

The wouldn’t let him travel to New Zealand, or enter Fiji, and sent him back to the U.S.

“Why do I have to admit something when I went to Europe and Canada to donate and didn’t have to tell them?” he told The New Zealand Herald.

At the time, he’d fathered over 40 kids and had 10 more on the way.

Kyle Gordy has been very active with the media over the years, and part of his trip with Adam Hooper was to garner media attention and recruiting new donors.

“Someone has probably complained saying, ‘Hey this person’s coming in to impregnate the whole of New Zealand,’ so immigration probably was waiting for him,” Adam Hooper said. “They were trying to get me out as well, but I was a bit smarter in telling people different dates that I was flying over.”

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