90 Day Fiancé List of Luke Berry’s businesses: Sunglasses, jewelry, travel, more

90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise star Luke Berry is offering The Escobar travel package for $100,000

90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise star Luke Berry reveals on the show that he is having money problems after losing his job.

“I’ve been a mining engineer for seven years now, and I make a lot of money doing it,” Luke says in a confessional. “But about a month ago I was let go because I was taking too much time off work visiting my fiancée, Madelein, in Colombia.”

Luke made “a lot of money” as an engineer, but he spent it just as fast as he made it. “Over the past year and a half I’ve invested over $500,000 into startup businesses,” he claims.

The 30-year-old aspiring entrepreneur then reveals what kinds of startups his money went into. “I have invested in a jewelry company. I’ve developed a lifestyle brand and travel agency. And I’m trying to get a clothing brand off the ground as well.”

Luke is still waiting for a return on his investments. “I have not turned a profit yet. The only thing that was keeping me afloat was my salary.”

What are Luke Berry’s businesses?

Luke states he has invested in numerous startups, but it appears he is much more than just an investor in some of the businesses.

As Luke states, he has ties to a jewelry company, lifestyle brand, and fashion line. With all of those businesses, Luke appears to be a model and spokesperson. I assume he is also in charge, or at least partly in charge, of the businesses as well.

In addition, Luke has an investment company and recently announced he is currently writing a book. He also claims he has purchased an apartment in Colombia for tourist rentals.

90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise Where can I buy Luke's sunglasses?

Luke’s sunglass line

The business Luke has talked about the most on 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise is his line of sunglasses.

The sunglasses are part of Luke’s International Gold Express brand. The bio for the company’s Instagram page reads: “Custom Sunglasses, Cubans and Fine Jewelry.” The page features a photo gallery of Luke’s sunglasses:

In the comments, Luke reveals he still hasn’t fully paid for the accessories that come with the glasses. He also shares information about pricing and the three variations that will be available initially.

I have 3 models, pricing will vary depending on the color. Cheapest will be the black pair and the most expensive will be the gold plated pair. The silver plated pair will be in between. I’m still paying for the accessories that will come with this so I don’t have pricing yet. Should be finalized by end of the month.

…starting with 52 gold, 25 silver, and 223 black. All will have matching colored accessories including a rope chain necklace, magnetic couplings that I invented so you can wear the necklace as a chain, attach the necklace to the shades for some fashion, or wear the foldable frames with custom polarized blue tinted lenses with gold logo lettering as a medallion on the chain. All will come with a high quality Egyptian wood display box, Egyptian velvet inserts, and Egyptian velvet carrying pouch.

I will also sell the chains and magnetic couplings I invented separately in case you want to throw those on a pair of glasses that you already own 🙌

Unfortunately for Luke, it appears the sunglasses won’t be available to order until as late as next month. “Still tweaking some accessories that will be included in the glasses package,” he reveals in a separate comment. “I’m thinking late May or July for the online purchases.”

The LLC for International Gold Express was initially formed in California. That LLC was terminated and another International Gold Express LLC was formed in Florida last year. The two names on the LLC are Luke and his friend Brian, who is married to Madelein’s best friend and appears on Love In Paradise.

Luke Berry’s travel company

Luke’s most ambitious business endeavor is his Luxour brand. Luxour is a travel company that provides travel packages and accommodations. From the company’s website:

About Us

Welcome to Luxour Experience, where luxury, adventure, and unparalleled experiences await. We are a premier hospitality and concierge company based in Medellin, Colombia, dedicated to curating unforgettable moments for our discerning clients.

At Luxour, we believe that travel should be more than just a journey. It should be a transformative experience, filled with exquisite moments and cherished memories. With our passion for hospitality and our deep understanding of the local culture, we strive to create extraordinary travel experiences that go beyond your expectations.

One of the “five-star” accommodations offered by Luxour is the apartment in Medellin, Colombia that Luke claims on the show he paid $300,000 for. There are three other options listed in Cartagena, Guatape, and Santa Marta. I assume Luke does not own any of those.

Luxour offers a wide range of travel packages. For example, you can book “The Escobar” for just $100,000, which includes having Luke and Madelein be your tour guides!

90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise star Luke Berry's travel business
The Escobar travel package with 90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise star Luke Berry for $100,000

Luke Berry’s other business ventures

Not to be confused with Luxour (I assume), Luke is also tied to the event planning company Luxor Hospitality Group. The company’s Instagram bio:

“Beyond your expectations”
🏆Elite hospitality / luxury Concierge
📍Medellin | Ctg | Tulum
🍾Nightlife Experiences | Lux services | CXM Consulting

Luke mentions investing in a lifestyle brand on Love In Paradise. I believe that may be Champagne Philosophy? As of the time of this article, the Champagne Philosophy Instagram account has no bio and only three posts — a photo of a champagne cork and two other posts (a photo and a video) that include Luke.

If you’re wanting to turn $500,000 into $0, Luke also has an investment company to help with that! YBB Investment Group (YBB is an acronym for “Your Boy Berry” I believe) has an Instagram account with this bio: “Property& Asset Management. Real estate, crypto, and business plays at your fingertips!”

Luke is also working on publishing a book about his relationship with Madelein. Below is a draft of the book cover for Meeting Madelein as well as the “about the author” section:

90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise star Luke Berry book Meeting Madelein

Luke Berry, author of ‘Meeting Madelein’, is best known for his appearance on the TV reality show ’90 Day Fiancé’, where viewers fell in love with his captivating journey to happily ever after. A first-generation American, Luke holds degrees in Mining Engineering and Geology, as well as an MBA. As an entrepreneur, he founded The Luxour Experience, a premier travel agency, and International Gold Express, a high-end jewelry and sunglasses company.

Driven by a passion to inspire those seeking a better life, Luke’s multifaceted career exemplifies his dedication to excellence and innovation. When he’s not writing or running his businesses, you can find him sharing his adventures on Instagram @dom.berry.on. Luke currently resides in Los Angeles and Medellin, where he continues to pursue his dream and inspire others to do the same.

It’s unclear when Luke’s book will be published.

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