90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen bought new home in July for over $1 million

90 Day Fiance Season 7 star Michael Jessen is presented as a very wealthy winetrepreneur who lives a lavish lifestyle full of exotic cars, international travel, and at least one expensive watch. But, is he actually rich? Or is he faking it? We’ve got receipts on his recent home purchase which should help answer that question!

My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett now: Robin reveals weight loss ahead of Where Are They Now episode

We’ve got another big update on My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett now — and the good news concerns their upcoming Where Are They Now? episode. It sounds like we don’t have long to wait for the episode’s premiere, but Robin has actually given fans a huge clue about her successful continued weight loss! Read on to see how much healthier she’s gotten!

Duggar home raid reports: Federal agency confirms investigation as family issues denial

After a weekend filled with gossip and uncertainty about an alleged Duggar home raid, we’ve finally gotten confirmation that federal agents were at the family’s compound as part of an “ongoing criminal investigation.” However, the Duggars themselves have also offered a denial of the events, in which they appear to be splitting hairs about the definition of the word “raided.”

LINKS New Cats trailer, Emilia Clarke nude scenes, ‘OK, boomer’ apocalypse…

JEZEBELThere’s a new Cats trailer out ahead of the movie’s Christmas release. If you didn’t already know anything about the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats, this trailer will not help explain the film adaptation’s plot (nor its source material’s strange appeal)

THE BLASTNow that the last embers of King’s Landing have just about cooled down, Emilia Clarke is ready to start spilling some Game of Thrones tea. In a new interview, Clarke discussed “multiple times where…she was getting pressured from higher-ups” to do more nude scenes. Co-star Jason Momoa helped the Mother of Dragons realize that, inexperience be damned, she could indeed say no

VOXThis explainer is probably more than you wanted to know about the meaning of “OK, boomer” — since, if you unpack it correctly, you see that the phrase explains why we’re all doomed. I for one take comfort in the fact that every single thing seems to point toward humanity’s self-destruction

CELEBITCHYThe strategy behind Dutchess Meghan’s defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail is likely to reduce the tabloid to what sounds like a pretty weak defense

DLISTEDThe Charlie’s Angels remake is an unqualfied flop, but director and star Elizabeth Banks is fine with it. Looking back over the various other Charlie’s Angels franchise attempts (fairly successful movie in 2000; mostly unsuccessful sequel in 2003; flop TV show in 2011), it seems like maybe the concept itself is just kind of done

LAINEY GOSSIPRobert Pattinson is still on the promotional circuit for The Lighthouse, trying to gin up his chances of an Oscar nomination

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Mama June’s Boyfriend Geno Doak Reappears on Instagram; Does Bizarre Anti-Cancer Plug…While Smoking a Cigarette”

REALITY TEAYes, former RHOBH star Kim Richards is writing an autobiography “all about [her] life.” If you’re like me and knew next to nothing about her before reading this article, you are now very hungry for Kim’s book to come out

THE BLEMISH“Amber Liu Apologizes Before She Gets Canceled”

GO FUG YOURSELFIt’s been said before, but Elizabeth Hurley really does seem to be aging way less than even typical Hollywood stars with access to top-shelf beauticians and plastic surgeons age

UNEXPECTED Protective order against Rilah’s ex Anthony dismissed, domestic violence case moving forward

Unexpected dad Anthony Vanelli is still facing a misdemeanor domestic battery charge after an altercation with ex Rilah Ferrer last month. But, it appears that the tension between him, Rilah, and Rilah’s mother Rosa has subsided as the protective order filed against Anthony the day after the incident has been dismissed.

The Josh Duggar FBI raid is a tale of gossip run amok

Despite a tidal wave of rumors, gossip, and supposed circumstantial evidence proving it, there appears to have been no Josh Duggar FBI raid this past weekend. But the real story is how the alleged raid went from Facebook gossip to blind item to accepted fact by plenty of Duggar detractors in just 48 hours.

LINKS Prince Andrew’s sweat glands, Huffman v Laughlin, Stassi Schroeder’s wedding…

LAINEY GOSSIPPrince Andrew is more or less claiming that he couldn’t have raped a teenager because he used to not be able to sweat. And though Prince Andrew’s sweat glands are the instantly viral takeaway from his disaster of a BBC interview, they’re hardly the only shocking moment — something that this helpful breakdown will make very clear

JEZEBELFelicity Huffman offered a sincere apology for her actions in the college admissions scandal, served her (short, but still) prison sentence, and is back to her normal life. Lori Laughlin, on the other hand, hasn’t offered a single word of apology, or any other word at all — which, given her films’ target demographic, is pretty surprising

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPStassi Schroeder revealed a bunch of new details about her wedding in the run-up to this year’s BravoCon. Among them: the wedding will be crime-themed (swell); she’s getting married in the autumn because she refuses to sweat (weird hill to die on, but OK); and she thought having an overseas wedding “would actually make [the planning] easier”

CELEBITCHYNo one who knows the real reason is saying why Donald Trump paid an unexpected, unannounced, rushed visit to the Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend — but “a fat, old, senile man being rushed to the hospital out of nowhere on a Saturday morning just indicates that something else was going on.”

REALITY TEAJill Zarin says she’s “done” trying to get back on Real Housewives of New York, in part because she “could never live up to the fans wanting [her] to come back”

THE BLASTSpeaking of the Real Housewives and BravoCon, here’s why Porsha Williams was BravoCon in a wheelchair this year

THE BLEMISH“You’ve been warned” is itself a warning, so you’ve been warned: “Girl Sucks Her Dog’s Tongue to Go Viral”

GO FUG YOURSELFDamn, we’re already at “closes out the year”-levels of celebrity coverage? I know there’s only six weeks left in 2019, but that still seems a bit rushed. (Related: Renee Zellweger looks fantastic on the cover of In Style‘s end-of-year issue)

VOX“Where the 1960s ‘psychedelic’ look came from”

DLISTEDJohnny Depp has never looked more like Keith Richards than he does in the photo accompanying this article. And by “more like Keith Richards,” I mean Depp looks old