SEEKING SISTER WIFE Garrick Merrifield’s Tinder profile

TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife has starred Garrick Merrifield and his wife Dannielle since season 3. Despite attempting a polygamist relationship with 4 different women over 3 seasons, the couple has yet to find their perfect match.

Garrick is still seeking and we have his Tinder profile to prove it…

The Merrifield’s

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield have been the stars of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife for 3 seasons. Between seasons 3-6, the Colorado couple has attempted to form a polygamist relationship with 4 potential suitors. Unfortunately for the Merrifield’s, all 4 connections have ended in disappointment.

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle Merrifield loves submitting to Garrick

Roberta (s3, s4), Lea (s4), Nathalia and Mariam (s5) all ended up parting ways with the conservative Christian family for various reasons. Mariam, for example, refused to convert from Islam to Christianity for the pair.

Despite failure at every turn, the couple seems determined to expand their family. Garrick’s Tinder profile has just begun circulating and proceed with caution because it’s certain to make you cringe. His bio talks a lot about him and his interests, but mention of his wife is subtle at best.

See the polygamist (?) dating profile below…

Garrick Merrifield Tinder Profile

Fans of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife on Reddit located Garrick, whose snarky nickname is “ick,” and, as far as icks go, this one definitely delivers. Merrifield’s Tinder bio reads as follows…

I am a loving and kind and passionate and caring man. That believes in putting God first and everything so that he blesses everything and give his love and peace abundantly in the relationship. I am a business owner and love to start businesses. I love helping other and doing charity work.*

*These are his actual words. All grammatical/spelling errors are Garrick’s.

Garrick’s interests are listed as travel, “gin tonic,” running, gym and hot springs. There is no mention of his wife Dannielle’s interests. In fact, the only clue that he has a wife whatsoever is one photo that includes her (no caption.)

Still Seeking Sister Wife


Garrick Merrifield says that he is searching for a “long term partner” for “monogamy” or “ethical non-monogamy.” Ethical non-monogamy is a relationship structure where all involved parties consent to have multiple romantic or sexual relationships.

This term doesn’t completely fit the Merrifield’s MO as Dannielle is not pursuing multiple relationships for herself. It’s obvious, however, that the pair (or at least Garrick) is looking for a 5th shot at love.

Will the Merrifield’s be on Seeking Sister Wife season 6? To date we are unsure, but the show has been renewed so it’s (unfortunately/fortunately) very likely.

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