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JERSEY SHORE Vinny’s ex Elicea Shyann gets real about the heartache and humiliation of reality show breakups

Vinny Guadagnino’s ex girlfriend Elicea Shyann is not happy about how the breakdown of their relationship occurred on Jersey Shore. Last week’s episode dealt with Vinny confessing to her that he got some girls’ numbers at the club during a night out with the crew.

This is Life Live: Woman meets the young man who killed her daughter in a car accident

Sharon’s daughter Lizz was only one month way from her 21st birthday when she died in a car accident. Since then, Sharon has had trouble coping with Lizz’s death. When she saw Grey, the man who hit her daughter, in court Sharon felt that he had no remorse. She also felt extremely angry that he only achieved a $25 fine for his role in the fatal accident.

This is Life Live: Man reunites with young daughters he hasn’t seen in 10 years

One day in 2008 Gavin went to work and didn’t know it would be the last time he’d see his pregnant wife and young daughter Kierra. It’s been 10 years and Gavin has searched tirelessly to find his estranged wife and their two daughters. He’s never met his second daughter, Aila. Tonight he reunited with them live on the emotional TLC show This is Life Live.

Mary Karr speaks out about violence and stalking from David Foster Wallace, says his biographer knew

The #MeToo movement is hitting the literary world with multiple allegations against author Junot Diaz. These allegations coming to light have inspired author and poet Mary Karr to speak up about the abuse she suffered from late literary icon David Foster Wallace. According to Karr Wallace admitted the abuse and stalking he inflicted on her in letters that his biographer read. The biographer has mentioned in an interview that DFW once bought a gun in a murder plot against Mary Karr’s husband, and wrote about DFW pushing Karr out of a moving car and throwing a coffee table at her, but Karr, who briefly dated Wallace, says the abuse she suffered from DFW went much further than that.

Gym, Tan, Marriage! The Situation is engaged, proposed to Lauren Pesce while filming Jersey Shore

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s dreams have come true! The Jersey Shore cast member proposed to his college sweetheart Lauren Pesce, who he says she’s been with him throughout his darkest times, while recording an episode of the show.

Jersey Shore: How does Sammi Sweetheart feel about Ronnie’s drunken confession that he still loves her?

Last night’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation made it glaringly obvious why Sammi Sweetheart’s decision to not appear on the show was a wise one. During the episode Ronnie almost cheats on his pregnant girlfriend and then reveals to Snooki that he’s still in love with his ex Sammi! It was a mess and Sammi had a pretty blunt social media response to Ronnie’s drunken escapades.