Who is Gypsy Rose’s sister, Mia Blanchard?

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Soon after Gypsy Rose Blanchard left prison in Chillicothe, Missouri, she met up with her dad, Rod Blanchard, his wife Kristy, and their daughter, Mia. 

During their visit, Mia gave Gypsy some sisterly advice and opened up to the camera about how she felt about her dad giving attention to Gypsy when she was used to being the only girl in the family.

Even though Mia (22) is a decade younger than Gypsy(32,), she has more experience in the “real world.” Even before Gypsy entered prison, she was living a strangely sheltered life that stifled her emotional maturity and development.

When Gypsy revealed that she had consummated her marriage to Ryan Scott Anderson the night before, Mia sat her down to ask if she was doing anything to prevent pregnancy. Gypsy shared that she used a condom and wasn’t interested in having children just yet. Still, she wouldn’t be upset if she did get pregnant.

Mia then asked Gypsy if she knew if she had any fertility issues from all the unnecessary medical procedures she had done. Gypsy said she’d had two normal Pap smears, but didn’t know anything more than that. They agreed that Gypsy should see a gynecologist soon.

After their girl talk, the family celebrated Gypsy’s release with cake, balloons, and gifts.

“I’ve always been ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.’ It’s different having a sister come in, but I’ve had my dad for 22 years. She hasn’t,” Mia told the camera.

“I know what I have with my dad is a good thing, and I want them to build that as well. I want them to have that, and I can’t wait to watch it.”

Mia, who is attending the University of Louisiana to be a nurse, advocated for her sister to get out of jail early. However, she does believe that Gypsy deserved to spend some time behind bars.

“I always thought that 10 years was too long,” Mia said in The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a documentary that aired in January. “She deserved to be in jail but she also deserved to get help.”

Mia has a boyfriend who she often posts on social media, but she’s keeping his name and other information private.


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Gypsy’s dad Rod separated from her mom Claddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard before she gave birth to Gypsy. Dee Dee dated Rod when he was still in high school and got pregnant with Gypsy when he was 17 and she was 24. They got married, but their marriage ended after Rod woke up on his 18th birthday and realized that he didn’t love Dee Dee and had married her “for the wrong reasons.”


Rod married Kristy soon after his divorce from Dee Dee, and they had two children together: Mia and Dylan. Up until Gypsy turned 10, Rod and Kristy were very present in Gypsy’s life. Dee Dee kept Gypsy away from them as time passed and she became more controlling of Gypsy’s life. 

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