Love After Lockup Chance charged with DWI, Tayler cited for housing violations, not putting Mason in a car seat

Love After Lockup Chance Pitt and Tayler George

The legal issues continue to pile up for Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Earl Chance Pitt, and he’s not alone! Chance’s ex Tayler George has recently been been hit with numerous citations for all kinds of things ranging from unleashed dogs to unsafe housing and driving without her youngest child properly restrained.

We will start with Earl. As Starcasm previously reported, Chance was arrested for DWI on December 8, which was 10 days before he crashed his pickup truck and then allegedly stole a woman’s car out of a hospital parking lot soon after the accident.

Chance was officially charged with two felonies stemming from his crash and borrowing the woman’s car in an amended complaint filed on April 12. The day before that amended complaint was filed, Chance was finally charged with DWI stemming from the December 8 arrest.

In addition to the DWI, Chance was also charged with not having a front license plate, operating a vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility (no insurance), using a license plate from another vehicle, no registration, and operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner.

The citation for the charge of careless driving alleges Chance “backed over a media curb” and crossed double yellow lines “by three tire widths.”

The DWI citation has no additional information in regards to Chance’s BAC at the time of his arrest.

The DWI charge is only a misdemeanor, and it looks to be Chance’s first. However, this charge being separate from his felony charges (and only 10 days prior!) is likely to have a very negative impact on the outcome of that case.

In addition, every indication is that Chance is currently still on parole from his two robbery convictions in 2014. If that is the case, it’s hard to imagine Chance avoiding having to serve more of his prison sentences from those convictions.

Chance has an initial appearance scheduled for June 25 for the DWI. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 13 for the case including the felony charges.

Tayler George Legal Problems

Chance Pitt and Tayler George had a VERY public and VERY bitter break up late last year as Chance appeared to quickly move on with a young Love After Lockup fan named Alyssa. However, Tayler, Chance and Alyssa were recently photographed at a concert together, and there are reports online that Chance and Alyssa are living at Tayler’s house.

Here are a couple photos of the happy trio shared by Geo Malak on Instagram:

Speaking of Tayler’s house, it appears Chance’s home repair skills aren’t measuring up to local safety standards.

On February 1, Tayler received multiple citations. Issues she was cited for included her house being “generally unsafe” because “siding on exterior walls is exposed.” There were “shutters on the ground” and the “fence has holes in it, leaving an unsafe and unclean area.”

Tayler was also cited that day for a couple of issues with her pets. One citation was for having her dogs unleashed and the other was for having “vicious dogs.” Below is exactly what was written on the latter citation:

Dogs aggressively barking and growling making nearby neighbors feel unsafe

Kept an unmuzzeled or unleashed dog outdoors that without provocation charged toward, menaced in an attitude of attack, and otherwise threatened persons so as to place them in reasonable fear of immediate physical injury

Four days after receiving all of the citations listed above, Tayler was visited by officers again and received another round of nearly identical citations — including “unleashed dogs” and “vicious dogs.” The end result is Tayler has 10 citations that are currently open cases.

In addition to the municipal citations, Tayler was also ticketed on April 9 for driving while failing to secure her son Mason in a child restraint or a booster seat.

Love After Lockup Chance Pitt's girlfriend Alyssa mug shots

Chance’s girlfriend Alyssa legal troubles

Chance’s girlfriend Alyssa is no stranger to a jail cell, as evidenced by her numerous mug shot photos above. And just like Chance and Tayler, she also has some recent legal issues.

Four days after Chance crashed his pick up truck, ran from the scene, and stole a woman’s car from a hospital parking lot, Alyssa was cited for driving with no registration or proof of insurance, and operating a motor vehicle “in a careless and imprudent manner (with accident).”

According to the citation, Alyssa was driving a 1999 Chevy Suburban at the time. On the citation, under personal injury, the officer indicated “yes.”

Just like Tayler, Alyssa also looks to be a terrible pet owner. According to a probable cause affidavit filed in January, Alyssa “committed the offense of Animal Cruelty by means of abandoning the animals in a condemned residence, failing to provide adequate food and water, and housing the animals in unsanitary conditions.”

Based on Alyssa’s posts on social media, it appears the animals in question are rabbits. There was a hearing scheduled in the case for March 14, but there is no additional information available on the status of the case.

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