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UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan is engaged to JJ Della PHOTOS VIDEO

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan is engaged to JJ Della! The engagement is just the latest in a wild couple of years for Jenna that includes breaking up with Aden, getting a boob job, gaining a stepdad, and getting pregnant for the second time!

Keep reading to see photos and video from JJ’s romantic beach proposal, including little Luca stealing the show with a floral delivery!

UNEXPECTED TLC blurs out another Matt Ronan tattoo. What is it and what does it mean?

On last season of TLC’s Unexpected, producers opted to blur out a 3 Percenters tattoo located on the forearm of Jenna Ronan’s dad, Matt Ronan. Matt later had that tattoo altered, and it is not being censored this season. However, producers are now blurring out a tattoo on Matt’s other forearm! What is the tattoo? And why is it being censored?