90 Day Fiancé Sophie’s mom Claire Cheshire arrest report details

90 Day Fiancé Sophie's mom Claire Cheshire arrest details

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After star Sophie Cheshire got into a heated online feud with her mother, Claire Cheshire, late last week. The feud included Claire posting multiple videos of her son-in-law Rob Warne being verbally abusive towards Sophie that were originally recorded by Sophie.

The online back-and-forth between the mother and daughter ended on Friday when Claire was arrested in Texas for terroristic threat of a family or household member. Her bond has been set at $5,000 and Claire is still in custody of the jail at the time of this post.

Starcasm has obtained a copy of the arrest report and incident report from the Round Rock Police Department.

According to the arrest report, Claire was arrested at 4:23 PM on Friday. The location of her arrest was an Extended Stay America hotel. Claire’s citizenship is listed as “other” and the report lists “homeless” for her address. (Living in a hotel and being homeless lines up with what Claire said in her videos late last week.)

The arrest report narrative is blank, so there are no specific details about Claire’s charge or the allegation(s) against her.

However, there is some information on the incident report which appear to back up claims by acquaintances of Sophie and Rob over the weekend. According to the incident report, police received a call from Claire’s daughter (Sophie is not named) concerned about her mother’s welfare at 9:26 AM Friday morning.

“The caller stated she was concerned for her mother who has attempted suicide before because she is not able to get a hold of her,” the officer states. “I arrested Claire Cheshire for a nonjurisdiction warrant. I transported her to the Williamson County Jail where I turned over custody.”

The narrative from the incident report matches information and text messages shared by Rob’s friend, Tor’i Bionic Brooks. Tor’i spoke with Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz and revealed that Claire not only threatened her own life, but also Sophie’s.

“Rob and Sophie have their issues but this has nothing to do with him, he isn’t even in the same place as Sophie or her mom,” Tor’i wrote. “Notice how Claire is threatening Sophie because she is afraid of Sophie posting videos but Claire is the only one posting videos blackmailing her own family.”

Tor’i then explained the criminal charge against Claire. “The terrorist threats are because Claire has threatened to kill her own daughter and then kill herself. Sophie called the cops because she was fearful for her own life and her mother’s.”

Tor’i also shared screen caps of alleged text messages between Sophie and her mom. “Sophie doesn’t put out the truth because she just wants to protect her mom, but I’m tired of watching her do it at Rob’s expense,” Tor’i explained.

Here are a couple excerpts from the text messages that Tor’i sent Mary:

By the way, Sophie, you can threaten to post pictures and videos of me with mental health. I will be dead tomorrow so I don’t actually care.

…you dirty nasty slow little front [sic], how dare you know what Uber now I’m gonna come to your house and slick [sic] your f***ing throat f*** off

Below is the full Kiki and Kibbitz video with all of the information provided by Tor’i:

What Claire Cheshire Posted On Instagram

In our previous post about Claire Cheshire’s arrest, we included a recap of her Instagram posts, including the videos of Rob being verbally abusive towards Sophie.

Claire also posted a series of Instagram videos that look to have been recorded in the Extended Stay Hotel she was arrested at. There were four videos total, and we have transcribed them all for you below. The first video was accompanied by written text, which is included at the top of the VIDEO ONE transcript in block quotes.


Arguing does not be mental health yeah me and Sophie got into it big time shouting screaming I was in a fearful place. I wanted to leave America. I have no money because Sophie hasn’t paid me back so I’m in a really quiet situation. I will not apologize for losing my temperand shouting is not mental health that is called anger and I’ve every right to be angry right now

90 Day Fiancé Sophie's mom Claire on Instagram

90 Day Fiancé Sophie’s mom Claire on Instagram

I’ll try and make this quick.

So it is not fair for anyone to shame anyone with mental health, addiction or anything. These are things people are born with, not something they choose.

This weekend I’ve had a massive argument with my daughter and yes, I was angry. Angry doesn’t mean mental health.

In fact, [inaudible] and Kay were trying to shame me with that. It’s disgusting, shame on them.

I’m really happy that a lot of people contact me about addiction and stuff and I’ve been able to help them since the show, so I’m grateful for it.

As far as the show, I hate being on TV. It was never my thing. I did it for Sophie.

But here’s what the problem is right now. Kay has got in between me and Sophie. She’s jealous of our bond and she’s won, because I’m leaving. Me and Sophie probably won’t speak ever again.

I came here on crutches, in plane and used my leg money that was my pension for Sophie. I gave her a chunk when I — at Christmas, like a lot of money, and then a lot when I got here. She said don’t worry…


…in which I’ve had [inaudible] before. I’ve been clean for multiple years.

I’ve also — I do have ADHD, which I take medication for. So at weekends (?) people kept saying, “Oh, you’re crazy!” No, I was being talked over and I lost my sh*t, and I started shouting and screaming.

Okay, but I think I told you to get out my face. She wouldn’t listen. “Get out of my face,” and my friend [inaudible] I said, “Get out. I’m on crutches.” I felt very vulnerable very attacked.

Yeah, I was screaming and shouting and lost my sh*t. I’m not perfect. I’m a human. It happens. I apologized for shouting.

But getting kicked out of the house? Sophie literally threw me in the street. Now she’s got all my money. I’m literally in a horrible hotel wanting to get home.

Thank God. I’m back and made amends, like, recently [with] my family. So I’m gonna go back to Spain and be in the mountains and have a happy life.

But Sophie is being a drama queen right now. No one should speak to their parents like that. She was so frigging rude to me. But this is…


…the big thing where I come from — with parents, kids, you might row in the family, but outsiders do not get involved. Whether it’s their house as well as another. She should have kept her nose out, Kay, but she wanted her, she wants to, I mean she watches Sophie on her camera constantly on her webcam.

Sophie gets curly hair, she tries to get the curly hair. She steals, or tries to steal Sophie’s friends. She’s constantly watching Sophie, monitoring. She hates it when I’m around. So Kay is an a**hole.

I’m worried for Sophie, but I’m leaving, and I almost (wish?) my daughter, right now, I don’t think we’ll ever make up because I’ve been so disrespected. Using mental health is not okay. I’m a woman who’s in a sad situation, very vulnerable right now. And I needed some help from my daughter and I didn’t get it. [inaudible]

I’m just ashamed that she would use domestic violence and mental health. Like, who does that?

Kay kept saying, “It’s so — honestly, I’m heartbroken what’s going down.”

So yeah, I knew I was gonna go. I can’t do this anymore. And what Sophie…


So, what I forgot to mention is: Yes, we come from a very wealthy family, but I’m not wealthy.

I lost everything ten years ago, you know? I started all over again when money, like, I need it, basically. That’s where the argument come from, it came from a place of fear and frustration, and I just — they didn’t see it.

[Inaudible] It is what it is, but yeah, I just want to set the record straight: I am not wealthy. By any means!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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