LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Mikey arrest update, Chelsea responds

Love After Lockup Mikey domestic violence arrest update

As Starcasm previously reported, Love During Lockup Season 2 and Love After Lockup Season 8 star Michael “Mikey” Harmon was arrested for domestic violence on Sunday, June 9. We have since obtained the criminal complaint from the case and can provide some additional information.

Mikey has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence stemming from an altercation with his fiancée, and Love After Lockup co-star, Chelsea Gilliam.

Chelsea did a Facebook live stream after Mikey’s arrest and claimed she and Mikey got into a dispute on Sunday. She added that the dispute escalated and Mikey put his hands around her neck.

Michael Harmon arrest details from the complaint

Chelsea’s account lines up with the “statement of facts” from the criminal complaint filed on Monday:

On or about June 9, 2024 Michael Vincent Harmon did knowingly cause physical harm to a household member, his girlfriend, CG.

Michael knowingly placed his hands around CG’s neck during an argument between the couple, causing redness and irritation. Michael then proceeded to roughly`grab and pull on a necklace on CG’s neck, before breaking the necklace off.

As a result of the charge, there is currently a temporary protection order in place. Mikey was released from custody earlier today and he has a hearing scheduled for June 24.

Love During Lockup Chelsea

Chelsea responds to Mikey’s arrest

On Tuesday, Chelsea took to Facebook to update her followers after Mikey’s arrest.

“I’m OK,” she wrote, along with a photo of herself and her dog on a bed. “Getting settled down and back in control.”

Chelsea stated she “got all Mikey’s stuff out” before expressing appreciation for the support she has received.

“Thank you to all who commented and messaged me,” she wrote. “Over hundred messages from my fans. I will reply at few of you at a time.”

More from Chelsea:

Right now I have a lot on my plate trying to get myself together and bounce quick. I truly love you all my fans, small circle of friends and my daddy ❤️

We will continue to monitor Mikey’s domestic violence case, as well as his potential parole violation.

UPDATE Mikey responds to arrest

Mikey shared a TikTok video on June 16, which included a brief statement about his arrest.

“I just wanna let my fans know, if you’ve been hearing this crazy sh*t, don’t believe it,” Mikey says. “My lawyers are all on top of it. And also, the truth’s about to come out, and everybody’s gonna know what really happened.”

Later in the minute-long clip, Mikey got a little bit specific. “Some females got in their feelings and told some lies, and I got sent to jail,” he claims. “But look who’s out! They gave me an OR bond. They knew it’s some BS, and it’s all going to come out.”

Mikey assures his fans that they will not regret believing in his innocence. “So, y’all my fans, stand by me! Stand by me – I promise you you won’t be butthurt.”

Here is Mikey’s full message:


Don’t believe the hype!

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