SISTER WIVES Kody Brown’s father had a secret third wife

Fans of Sister Wives know that patriarch Kody Brown’s dad Winn lived a life of polygamy, with a lovely lady named Genielle and Kody’s wife Janelle’s mother Sheryl. Turns out there was a third wife who was never shared on the show… and she was actually his second!

Learn more about Bobbie Brown and see videos of her below…

Kody Brown family tree

Kody Brown is the star of the TLC reality series Sister Wives. The show, which has aired since 2010, follows Brown’s journey navigating leading a polygamist family. Sister Wives as a concept was conceived when said family with 4 wives decided they wanted to be “public.” Over the course of 18 seasons we’ve learned more about Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – including their polygamist histories.

Kody Brown with his parents Winn and Genielle

Kody Brown with his parents Winn and Genielle.

Winn Brown, father of Kody, became a polygamist man after Kody was an adult. He was already married to his first wife at the time, Genielle (Kody’s birth mother), when he married Kody’s 2nd wife Janelle’s mother Sheryl.  This is where Sister Wives fans think the story ends, but it turns out there was another wife – Bobbie – who was NEVER mentioned… and she was wife number TWO!

Bobbie Brown identity revealed

I found an article about Bobbie Brown, one of Winn’s widows. She’s a talented artist! I verified that she is THAT Bobbie by finding her on Facebook. She had a picture with her, Sheryl, and Genielle. It was interesting to find out more about her!
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Fans on Reddit noticed that Winn’s obituary named three wives: Genielle, Bobbie and Sheryl. We are completely unsure of as to why this wasn’t shared on Sister Wives, but we do know a little about his hidden wife, Bobbie.

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Some digging lead Kody Brown’s third mother… turns out she was hidden in plain sight the whole time. Second in line, it was actually Bobbie who made Winn a polygamist. Once he got to Janelle’s mom he had two wives in tow!

Genielle and Sheryl Brown – why isn’t Bobbie pictured?

Bobbie is a talented artist and painter, who frequently gives lessons as you can see on her YouTube page below:

Another video confirms that she lived with Winn in Lovell, WY.

Fans speculate that Bobbie was the “smartest” wife, though she was clearly still obedient. The article mentioned above on Reddit says Bobbie didn’t become an artist until AFTER Winn died. 

My husband died and I was sitting around doing nothing but eating and getting fat and thought that I need to do better than this and then I realized that I have a few options and I’ve always wanted to do art but I’ve never had much in formal instruction.

Bobbie never once participated in Sister Wives, despite Kody’s other two moms being frequent guest stars.

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