Seeking Sister Wife Jasmine dated the Davises in 2021? PHOTOS

Seeking Sister Wife When did Nick Davis and Jasmine first start dating?

On the current season of Seeking Sister Wife, Danielle Davis overcomes her aversion to adding a fourth sister wife and she joins April and Jennifer in trying to find their husband Nick another potential spouse.

In Episode 10, the Davis wives arrange a date with Jasmine, a 30-year-old single mom with an 11-year-old son. “We found a young woman named Jasmine on one of our profiles,” April explains in a confessional.

“She just seems really spunky and cute, and we checked her out,” Danielle adds. “She sent us a message and it began there.”

Jasmine’s “first” date with the Davis wives

The three wives meet Jasmine at a restaurant. “I’m April. Nice to meet you,” April says.

“It’s good to meet you as well,” Jasmine responds.

“My first impression when I see Jasmine is she’s not a shy person,” Jennifer Davis reveals in a confessional. The four ladies toast “to getting to know each other” and the date ends.

Seeking Sister Wife Jasmine talks about meeting Nick for the first time

“I felt like the chemistry between everybody was great,” Jasmine says in her confessional. “I am optimistic about meeting Nick for the first time. I think that if he’s anything like the women he keeps, I think it will be a great click and we should hit it off just fine.”

Nick Davis is excited to meet Jasmine

After the ladies’ date, the wives head back home and Nick is excited to hear how things went.

“Today my wives had their first date with our potential sister wife, Jasmine,” he says in a confessional. “I only seen pictures of her and my eyes were definitely pleased.”

After the wives return home, the four adults sit on their infamous 12-foot bed and discuss the date with Jasmine. All three wives have nothing but positive things to say about Jasmine, including Danielle.

April tells Nick, “I definitely think you would like her.”

Nick seems thrilled. “I’m more than a little bit excited to meet Jasmine,” he says.

Nick later goes on a lengthy date with Jasmine in which they are both acting as if they are meeting for the first time. Below are some excerpts from their dating scene:

@starcasmnet Anyone with 3 wives looking to add a 4th has got to have confidence, and Nick is no exception! #SeekingSisterWife #polygamy #polygamytiktok #polyamory ♬ original sound – Starcasm

Did Jasmine date the Davises in 2021?

The Davis family’s entire story line has been called into question thanks to several social media posts suggesting the Davises actually dated Jasmine more than three years ago!

I was researching Jasmine when I noticed Nick’s brother left a comment on one of her Facebook posts in February of 2022. Nick, April and Jennifer also liked many of Jasmine’s posts dating all the way back to 2021. However, it’s impossible to know when they liked the pictures (unlike the comment left by Nick’s brother).

More concrete evidence surfaced yesterday seemingly proving that the Davises were dating — or were claiming to be dating — Jasmine in 2021.

The evidence came in the form of two photos originally shared on Facebook by April Davis. The first was posted in February of 2021 and a screen cap was re-posted by u/Shannyyy_ yesterday on reddit:

Seeking Sister Wife Nick Davis and Jasmine together in 2021

The photo includes Nick, April, Jennifer and Jasmine. “”Last night we all decided to get out of the house!” April captioned the image. “I had so much fun with my Husband, Wife, and our Girlfriend 😆.”

u/Reddituser_0246 followed up roughly an hour later with another photo from the same album posted by April. This photo was dated in June, 2021 and shows Jasmine AND Danielle with the Davises — and THREE other women!

Seeking Sister Wife The Davis family with Jasmine and Danielle in 2021

“Poly life is the best thing to happen to us,” April wrote. “Big but exclusive,” she added, along with a string of eight red hearts.

Many commenters on the reddit posts were wondering if the scenes we are watching this season were filmed in 2021, but that is clearly not the case. In the very first episode, the Davises reveal that their daughter, Vera, is about to be a year old. Vera was born on June 29, 2022.

That would mean the Davises started filming for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 in the summer of 2023. The first photo with Jasmine was from February of 2021, which is more than two years earlier!

It definitely appears that everything we’re seeing with the Davises this season is staged. Perhaps the scenes are re-enactments flavored with Danielle’s after-the-fact trepidation, but they would still have to be staged.

When did the Davises start dating Danielle?

Based on behind-the-scenes photos posted on social media, it appears Danielle Davis married Nick and the family in either April or May of 2022.

On the show, Nick says he and Danielle were dating for about 8 months before getting married. That would mean they started dating in July or August of 2021.

Jennifer Davis was pregnant at the wedding and looked to be pretty far along. If Vera arrived around her due date, that would mean Jennifer was roughly 6-7 months pregnant at the time, which seems about right.

Given that the photo above with Danielle is dated June of 2021, I’m guessing it may be their first date? Could it be that Nick went on a group first date with multiple interested women? I hate to say it, but maybe part of the group date pitch was the potential to be on Seeking Sister Wife?

Regardless of the story behind the “poly life” photo of Nick with seven other women, it does appear the Davises dated Jasmine before Danielle. My guess is that the relationship didn’t work out, but the Davises needed someone to film with this season. So, they reached out to see if Jasmine would be willing to pretend to meet and date the family for the first time.

That is purely speculation on my part. We will continue to look into this story and will update with any relevant information, including any statements from the Davises or TLC.

April Davis responds to Jasminegate

April Davis has responded to the Jasmine dating timeline on her Facebook page in response to a comment.

“I really like y’all but why are y’all acting like you haven’t known Jasmine since at least 2021?” someone commented on April’s most recent photo.

“Our relationships are authentic but the format of the show determines what parts are highlighted, and the way that they’re presented,” April responded.

“Time on the show is limited,” she added. “We’ve certainly got more going on with our lives than you’ve seen.”

Meanwhile, the Davis family’s Instagram page seemed to be making light of the Jasmine dating timeline controversy with an Instagram story post:

The Davis family with Jasmine

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